So you did it…you made it through your first official week of the Spring semester. Things may have gone smoothly, but we all know there’s a short amount of time before we are up to our ears in homework, studying, job responsibilities, etc. Oftentimes, when we get so busy, we forget to do the one […]


Safe Workouts: The Rundown

Respect your limits. You’ve probably seen ‘motivational’ fitness quotes around that range in intensity from “Just do it” to “Unless you puke, faint, or die – keep going” to statements that are even more exaggerated. If you haven’t heard it yet, we’d like to break the news: most of those quotes are BS. Exercise if […]

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Your 7-Step Guide to A Digital Detox

Remember a couple years ago when it was pretty much cool to hate technology? It felt like everyone collectively developed a sense of bitterness and fear as they imagined the potential for a technology takeover comparable to the evil bowler hat timeline from Meet The Robinsons. Nowadays, I think most people have a more balanced […]

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Make V-Day a Day You’ll 💕

Valentine’s day is tomorrow… so… y’know 😏 We want to help you have the most enjoyable, safest v-day possible. There are many ways you can celebrate, in or out of a relationship, if you choose to celebrate this commercial holiday. Show yourself some love. Indulge in your favorite activity, food, candy, sweets. Buy yourself a new outfit, […]

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Pre & Post-Workout: The Rundown

First off, we hope you caught the pun… ‘run’ down…. running is a workout… we’re talking about workouts… no? Alright. Moving on. Between the dopamine release, the cardiovascular benefits, the anti-osteoporosis effects, the self-esteem boost, and more, we can’t count the benefits of exercise on one hand. It’s, simply said, amazing. However, there are some […]

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Mindfulness 101

We wellness ambassadors LOVE to talk about mindfulness. You’ve probably heard us say it at least 20 times, but have you ever wondered what we’re talking about? When we talk about how mindfulness can increase focus, lower stress/anxiety/depression/anger, and improve mental function, do you ever want to get in on board? If you do, you’re […]

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