The Answer is Clear

Hey, my name’s Sebastian and welcome to my blog. This blog is all about making sure that we all drink plenty of fluids.


To start off, we’ll go through some of the perks of drinking water.

  • Keeps your temperature normal
  • Lubricates and cushions joints
  • Protects your spinal cord and other sensitive tissues
  • Gets rid of wastes
  • Just feels great, you know?


So many people have heard the ole ‘drink 8 glasses of water a day’ rule to stay hydrated, and sure it’ll work just fine, but it’s really not the most accurate rule of thumb. Here is what we really need:

  • Adequate intake for men is roughly about 13 cups of total beverages a day. For women is about 9 cups of total beverages a day.
  • Another way to hit your ideal amount of water intake per day is taking your total body weight and dividing it by two(oz). So say you weigh 140lbs. You would need to drink 70 ounces of water a day.


I know what you’re thinking, “8 cups is already a lot, but now you’re asking me to drink more?!” Well yes and no. We should all drink that much, but it doesn’t mean it all has to come from a cup or bottle.

Here are a few great ways we can get plenty of fluids!

  • Fruits
    • Fruits are packed with water. Eating fruits like apples, oranges, strawberries, and watermelons are great, easy ways to stay hydrated.


  • Vegetables
    • Some veggies are also packed with water. Good choices are celery, tomatoes, cucumbers, and lettuce.


  • Flavored drinks
    • No, not sodas. Think tea or sparkling water. They don’t have tons of sugar, but they do have plenty of water. Win win.


It’s always smart to have water handy, especially for us college students, so here are a few situations in which we should remember to stay hydrated.

  • Whenever we work out (duh)
    • Always make sure to stay hydrated when you sweat. Drink at least one bottle of water
  • When outdoors in a hot climate
    • It tends to be pretty warm in Statesboro, and with Spring right around the corner it’s only going to get hotter so don’t forget your water.
  • When sick
    • Illnesses like the fever have the ability to run rampant across campuses, and drinking plenty of water can not only help if you’re already sick, but it can also prevent us from getting sick in the first place.
  • When partying
    • Real talk, we all know that we go to a party school and that many students drink alcohol, but we need to remember to also drink plenty of water when we party. If we drink alcohol at parties or anywhere, we must remember to drink as much water as we are drinking alcohol. Basically one for one.  


If you are looking for other ways to stay healthy and hydrated, make sure you check out our Campus Farmers Market and Nutrition Fair. Want to get your water intake up through fruits and vegetables? The Campus Farmers Markets are every Thursday from 4pm to 6:30pm in the Russell Union. We have vendors from all over the county with fresh produce at every market, and will be bringing some of them to you this Wednesday, as well.  The Nutrition Fair is this Wednesday, March 22nd, from 11am-2pm in the Russell Union. Make sure you come check it out and get your water drinking/eating on!

Well, that’s all folks. Make sure you drink water and stay tuned for my next blog post. For more updates about the University Wellness Program, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!

Be Well. Do Well.

Spring Break? Alpaca my bags!


1. Pack Accordingly 

We always have to make sure we communicate with our friends about who is bringing what. I have learned, Do NOT over pack! It takes up space. The best way to keep up with our stuff is to carry a small bag, wallet, or fanny pack. And we always have to remember to leave other valuables (Laptop, excessive amounts of cash, or jewelry) at home. People sometimes feel the need to steal stuff, and it’s not fun worrying about it the entire time. Cards and cash can be lost or stolen, but cards can be replaced. Carrying a certain amount will help to alleviate overspending or in case of emergency.


2. Getting there…

If we’re turning this into a long road trip, then we might want to rotate drivers. This way everyone is well rested when we arrive to our destination. Whoever claims shotgun is responsible for keeping the driver awake the entire time. The backseat passengers are the only ones who should be sleeping. Playlists are great for road trips, and it prevents boredom. “Hand me the AUX!”

gettting there

3. Partying…

It’s Spring Break!!! We’re going to have the time of our lives, but we can be safe while we do.So, here are some tips for prevention of any harm we could run into. Never accept a drink from strangers! Yes, bartenders are strangers. However, they are a safer bet than a random guy/girl at a party. You don’t know what could be in that drink. Never put your drink down or out of eyesight for a second! Again, you don’t know what could have happened to that drink the second you put it down or looked away. If anything, go get a different one. Do not drink on an empty stomach! Your diet was before Spring Break. This will help prevent you from dehydrating or getting sick. Stay hydrated! Drink plenty of water! People tend to flock to warmer or hotter places for Spring Break, which include a lot of activities, like dancing or partying. This can lead to dehydration so drink up! Water that is 😉 Watch and know your limit. If you’re going to drink, then be aware of how much you’ve had and when you need to stop. Everyone varies at drinking levels and you are the best judge of where your limit is.


4. Hello?!

It is good to always have a phone on you. It is a way to call 911 in case of an emergency. Need to order an Uber, Taxi, or call a friend or family member to come and get you?  Are you lost or do you need help? Having our phones with us can help us solve these issues. Live in the moment and take a lot of pictures! Anyone else have those, “dang I really wish I would have taken a picture of that” moment? Those drive me crazy. There is nothing better than to have a good picture to go with a great story! 


5. The Buddy System

It is very easy to lose a person, and the last thing anyone wants to do is lose a friend. We are all grown adults who can take care of ourselves, but it’s always better to be safe, than sorry. It is always best to pair up with a friend. We are not being their babysitter, but it’s nice to just keep an eye on your friend and make sure that they are ok. We should never let a friend (or ourselves) go to the bathroom alone or anywhere in an unfamiliar setting. We gotta keep an eye on our fam and what they are drinking. We are the best line of defense from strangers trying to get to our squads.



So, have a great spring break, but never forget these five tips. We gotta have each others backs! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more updates and spring break tips. And always remember Be Well, Do Well.


Good Nutrition is Our Mission

Every year, National Nutrition Month falls in March, and we at Wellness are excited to announce that for the first time ever, we will be joining in the celebration! The Wellness Ambassadors have been working hard to create a Nutrition Fair just for YOU! Join us March 22nd, from 11 AM- 2 PM in the Russell Union Commons for free healthy food samples, interactive games, and a chance to win a free smoothie blender!


The theme for National Nutrition Month this year is “Put Your Best Fork Forward” which reminds us that everything we put in our bodies matters. Eating healthy foods and proper portions is crucial to maintaining great physical health. The habits we create in college are the habits that will be continued after graduation. The earlier we start our journey towards a healthier life, the easier it becomes to maintain. Furthermore, eating healthy reduces our risk of developing chronic diseases, makes us feel better and contributes positively to our overall  health!


As a college student myself, I know the struggle of eating healthy. Our days are filled with classes, work, student organization meetings, sleep (maybe), and homework.  Let’s be real. Breakfast is usually skipped and sometimes there just isn’t enough time for lunch either. There is too much going on in the day, and the last thing we think about is eating healthy and cooking food. In the end, it ends up being easier to grab food on the go, which isn’t always going to be the most nutritious.


With these common college struggles in mind, we came up with fun interactive booths for the Nutrition Fair. These booths will help educate about the small steps we can take to eat better and feel better. Booth themes include messages such as body positivity, vegan and vegetarian tips, proper portion food sizing, meal prep tips, tips for eating healthy in college, and even tips from a Nutritionist! We know that no one diet works for everyone. So, we created booths that are inclusive to all types of diets and lifestyles. There will be something for everyone!

nut fair

The University Wellness Program and Health Services host many other programs such as the Campus Farmer’s Market that can help students find fresh produce and eat healthier. The Campus Farmer’s Market is every Thursday, March 23 until April 27th from 4PM to 6:30PM. This is the chance to buy locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables on campus. These programs are put on with us in mind, to encourage healthier eating habits and ways of life. Join us at our next event! And as always, be well, do well!

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Sexual Assault Awareness

Sexual Assault has unfortunately become pretty common today and I, Kellie Clendennin, pledge to put an end to sexual assault on Georgia Southern’s campus. One in five women and one in sixteen men are sexually assaulted in college, and we should make sure that we prevent this from happening here. Many of my personal friends have been sexually assaulted and have struggled so much with overcoming it. Will you take this pledge with me?


One woman in particular that I know has been sexually assaulted many times because she was too afraid to speak out. She felt as if she had nowhere to go or anyone to talk to. She was scared and did not have any idea how to overcome what she had experienced. She was putting all the blame on herself.

Someone took advantage of her without her consent.

After her experience, she felt lonely and thought she had no one to talk to. In reality, she had many resources here on campus to help her recover and support her, such as the Counseling Center, Sexual Assault Student Educators, and Health Services. There are also many resources locally off campus and national services, such as the Statesboro Regional Sexual Assault Center and the National Sexual Assault Hotline (1-800-656-4673). If anyone has experienced assault, we need to help them find them the resources and help that they need!


We all need to know how we can help ourselves and others in reducing sexual assault. My friend was sexually assaulted by a person she knew and this is often how many sexual assaults occur. When we go to parties or big events, we need to be sure that the people we surround ourselves with are safe to be around and will look out for our well-being. We should check in with our friends at the party to be sure everything is going ok and have a designated non-drinker who can be on the lookout for others. Self-defense, running, hiding, and getting help can also reduce your risk by 80%. Here on campus, we offer self-defense classes through Public Safety and during special events. For instance, during Sexual Assault Awareness Week next week, The University Police Department and Health Services will be offering Rape Aggression Defense (RAD) classes. These classes will be offered on Tuesday Feb 28th and Wednesday March 1 from 3-7pm.

Sexual Assault Awareness Week is the week we dedicate to educating the students on campus about sexual assault and what they can do to help. On Monday, we start our Clothesline Project that will continue throughout the week and will have a guest speaker, Tim Mousseau, at 7pm in the Russell Union Ballroom. Tim tells his own experience with sexual assault and how he worked through it. We also have a Health Hut at the RAC to continue spreading awareness on sexual assault. On Thursday, we have the Take Back the Night March and End the Violence Rally in front of the bookstore and rotunda. Bystander Intervention classes will be offered at 10am and 11 am in the RAC. With all the events going on this week, we can become more educated on sexual assault and come together as a University and put a stop to this violence. We can take the pledge together and save one life at a time!

Thank you for reading my blog and of you ever need anyone to talk to or have a question, please contact one of the Wellness Ambassadors through Facebook or Twitter.


Thank you, Kellie Clendennin

Your Future Depends on Your Sleep, Go to Bed!

Have bags and dark circles under your eyes? Tired of drinking caffeine and still feeling sleepy? Cutting back on long nights out and getting more sleep can do the trick! Sleep is good for the body physically and mentally. There are so many benefits to getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night. It […]

Have bags and dark circles under your eyes? Tired of drinking caffeine and still feeling sleepy? Cutting back on long nights out and getting more sleep can do the trick! Sleep is good for the body physically and mentally. There are so many benefits to getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night. It can improve memory, creativity, performance, grades, and attention. Getting enough sleep will also make you less moody and more enjoyable to be around.

Many of us often fail to fully understand the importance of sleep. Sleep is a major physical aspect of our daily lives and needs to be considered as a vital part of our health. Lack of sleep can cause weight gain and make our skin age faster (and nobody wants that!). Without sleep, the body can’t function properly and going too long without it can lead to more health complications such as heart disease, obesity and depression. Getting the right amount of sleep can lower your stress levels and make you feel better through the day and help decrease the chances of having complications later in age. It also affects how alert you are during the day. Being sleep-deprived causes hallucinations and makes it difficult for the brain to receive information, which may result in issues with memory and learning capabilities. Therefore, it will affect your productivity in school, work and other social parts of your life.  



How do I know if I’m sleep deprived? There are many signs of sleep deprivation. Feeling hungry isn’t because your body actually needs food. It’s really because you failed to get enough sleep last night. You may think you are a klutz, but in reality you’re probably just not getting enough zzzzz at night. Due to the lack of sleep, your mind can’t focus on the task at hand. For example, I am sure that almost everyone has experienced a time where they have fallen up or down the stairs. The body processes a lot while walking up and down stairs and having little to no sleep makes it more difficult causing you to miss a step. Imagine trying to multitask throughout the day rather it be work or school. Sleep plays a key role in our daily lives and causes a domino effect when we don’t have it.

What can I do about it? There are several strategies to improve our sleeping habits. Staying up late or pulling all nighters is not the best way to approach an exam. When we don’t get enough sleep before taking an exam your mind wanders more and can’t recall the information you’ve been studying, so make a schedule to make time to study throughout the day. Stay on a sleeping schedule because going to bed and getting up at the same time every day will keep your body in rhythm. If going to bed at a decent time isn’t the problem and you suffer from trying to go to sleep try using blackout curtains to make the room darker and put your cell phone across the room where it won’t distract you. You shouldn’t look at any screen at least an hour before bed because the blue light that is emitted from the screen stimulates the mind far past when we put down the phone or turn off the TV.  Before going to bed you can try doing things that will relax you such as taking a warm shower, reading or meditation. Getting sleep is the key to being SUCCESSFUL!


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Wellness Week GOALS

With the New Year in full swing and warmer temperatures becoming more common, people are contemplating change in hopes of doing better than the year before. However, change shouldn’t only be a New Year’s resolution or a spring break body challenge. Change can be throughout the year. I’ve struggled with wanting to start a new workout regimen only at the beginning of the week or when it’s convenient to me. We can make a decision to join a gym or eat healthier any time of the year no matter if it’s on a Monday or a Thursday. However, staying well isn’t deciding to go on a fad diet because you think you’ve put on a couple of pounds over the holidays. It’s not about working out every day or eating fruits and vegetables. It involves all the dimensions of wellness. Yes, working out and eating healthy foods is a good thing, but our physical wellness isn’t the only thing that makes us well. Being happy and feeling peaceful with ourselves have a major impact. Being emotionally, spiritually, intellectually, socially, occupationally, and environmentally well also plays a factor in our health. They all inter correlate with each other. I remember when I had a bad break up with my boyfriend. It completely altered my mood. Even having a terrible argument with my best friend made me upset.  How does that affect you? How is your productivity affected? Being well and staying well is about how to balance everything going on day to day in your life.
Managing stress is key to staying well. Studying for classes or completing assignments on time can be stressful along with managing hours between jobs and volunteer work. Every day we  should block out time to distress from the crazy world we live in. Hobbies are a great way to relieve stress, so find something you enjoy doing and are passionate about. If you’re getting overwhelmed with all the meetings, events, and assignments make a schedule or a to do list to organize the tasks. If you enjoy being physically active you can run at the track outside or inside the RAC. Join group fitness classes where you can interact with others. Humans are social beings, so socializing with others can relieve stress and decrease anxiety. Joining the gym or a club can decrease the sense of being lonely and promote the feeling of enjoyment and belonging. If you are very social and need alone time you can always keep a journal, read or practice meditation. At the Russell Union on every last Wednesday of the month the Wellness Ambassadors host Worry Free Wednesday where you can join them in making stress balls, doodle, play with play doh, color, and meet therapy dogs. The Wellness Ambassadors are also available to meet with anyone to talk about anything. They can suggest helpful tips for dealing with situations or refer you to other helpful resources on campus such as the Counseling Center or Health Services. The counseling center offers free sessions to those who would like to talk to someone about their day to day lives and get what they need off their chest. Health Services provide flu shots and caring practitioners to assist when you’re not feeling well. Finding balance between all dimensions of wellness will help you live a happier life and it will be easier to be well and stay well. Your wellness isn’t a destination, it’s a journey. We can always improve one of the dimensions.


This Monday, February 13 the University  Wellness Program will be having a kickoff at the Rotunda to begin Wellness Week 2017, so get excited because the week is filled with so many wonderful events! (Plus swag & T-SHIRTS. Who doesn’t like free stuff?) “Don’t Dis My Abilities” speaker will be former Georgia Southern football player Adrian Peterson. There will be events to learn how to cook healthy delicious meals and paint beautiful paintings to distress from everyday life. Stop by the LiveWell Fair and Fresh Check Day to receive prizes and t-shirts! At the end of Fresh Check Day there will be a raffle to win a flat screen TV, so don’t forget to come by and see us!

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Confessions of a University Wellness Ambassador


During my first weeks at Georgia Southern University, I met the University Wellness Ambassadors when they visited my Healthful Living class. Being a Public Health student, I knew that I had to get involved with this organization to gain experience. I was unaware that I would gain such a large amount of personal knowledge that could be applied to my own health goals. Here are a few of my confessions after being a University Wellness Ambassador while at Georgia Southern University.

Personal wellness is on a spectrum!


Everyone experiences and perceives wellness differently. We are all on our own wellness journey, and we should not pass judgement onto people based on where they are. We should uplift them. This can easily be accomplished with words of encouragement or a hug.

Most of the time, you know the answer.


When it comes to health, we have been lectured about reducing health risks on numerous topics. For the most part, we all know the answer. It just takes courage and determination to have positive health behaviors. Maintaining an optimistic attitude and saying personal words of encouragement to yourself in the mirror can keep you on track.

Sometimes, behavior change can be hard!


With that being said, changing your health behavior is hard. Your body naturally does not want to change. Your body enjoys what works; even if what works can damage your body. Your mind and body work to stay consistent whether this be with diet or exercise patterns. Break the cycle and begin a better you today!

It is okay to ask for help.


If you are struggling with your personal wellness, ask for help! Georgia Southern has many resources that can help you. Within the University Wellness Ambassadors, several of our members are Certified Peer Educators. We would love to help you with any struggle if you are willing to share. Also, we can refer you to one of the many resources Georgia Southern University has to offer.

Worry-Free Wednesdays



We are publicly available many times during the semester. If you are struggling with stress, anxiety, or depression, we would love to teach you coping strategies at our Worry-Free Wednesday events! These events are held on the last Wednesday of each month in the Russell Union Commons from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm. At these events, we practice stress reduction techniques and connect students with the university resources that they may need.


Hope you all enjoyed my blog and consider joining the Wellness Ambassadors!

Thanks, Steven Waldrop

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