There are many factors that contribute to a work environment, including some aspects that, unfortunately, cannot be controlled. Within our profession, however, there are many things that we can control. By creating a healthy work environment, you are likely to be more productive by improving your job performance, increasing your work morale, and reducing your absenteeism. Here are five important components to a healthy work environment:

  1. Communicate Openly and Positively – communication is extremely important in a work setting. Miscommunication within a work environment can build unexpected situations that may take away from the task at hand. Expressing yourself positively, as well as thoroughly, can lead to beneficial and productive results.
  2. Be a Part of the Team– being a “team player” may sound childish, but viewing your fellow employees as your friends and teammates can help you exceed as a group as well as individually. Contributing to the bigger picture, as a unit, can help increase work morale and build overall, positive energy! Identify your talents and realize what you contribute to your “team.” This will build your confidence and allow you to become a better worker.
  3. Have Fun – All work and no play can lead to a negative work space. It is ok to let loose in your work environment, as long as you are remaining professional. Find reasons to celebrate; Birthdays, contests, Employee of the Month, casual Fridays, a fellow employee’s wedding announcement, etc. Become engaged in a fun atmosphere at work. If your work space lacks a fun environment, be the one who initiates ideas or suggestions. Bring in a cake on your office-mate’s birthday or initiate a group lunch date!
  4. Build Integrity and Trust – Trust forms the foundations of all relationships. Building an environment based on trust is one of the most important things you can do to create a positive atmosphere in the workplace. Integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. By practicing both trust and integrity, you are ensuring that you are someone who can rarely be doubted. Strengthening these characteristics can help guide you to greater opportunities or promotions because you are reliable and honest in your work.
  5. Have High Expectations – Set high expectations for yourself as well as the people around you. By raising the bar in your work environment, you are increasing the likelihood that your overall performance will be of better quality. Never settle with your work. If you set high expectations for yourself, others around you will most likely follow in your footsteps. When you work hard and expect more, the outcomes have a greater chance of being positive ones!


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