Falling Into Green

Wellness Wednesday: 

Where do you look for your inspiration?  To your right? Do you look down? Look UP!

This week’s Wellness Wednesday the University Wellness Program is giving back to the Boys and Girls Club of Statesboro and providing them with a little inspiration of their own.  This non-profit organization are advocates for helping America’s children look to the future and create a brighter light.  So come out and help us “Paint the Sky” for the Statesboro Boy’s & Girl’s Club. We will be painting an inspirational message onto ceiling tiles for the organization to put in their ceiling.

Wellness Wednesday – September 26th, 11am-1pm @ the Russell Union Rotunda

After you are done working on your social wellness and giving back to the community, come on down the the Campus Farmer’s Market for some environmental wellness!

Farmer’s Market:

The rage of local farmer’s markets seems to be on the rise everyday, but how are they beneficial to you?  Aside from the quality of the products and the yumminess factor there are many health and environmental reasons to choose local.  Not to mention that it’s easier than ever to get locally grown goods because of  the University Wellness’s awesome partners the Center for Sustainability and the Main Street Farmer’s Market to bring the goods directly to the Georgia Southern Campus!

So really- Why should you go local & green?

1. Farm Freshness
The seasonal produce that you can pick up on your way to class is ripe and ready to go!  The tomato that you slice for a delicious homemade recipe and the bread that you use for dinner has been just picked and baked just a day or so before you see it- which is pretty much impossible at the local grocery store.  It’s like having all of the pleasures of growing or making your own clean, healthy produce without all of the work!

Happy fall!  This week’s market is focusing on favorite fall flavors and seasonal items such as pumpkin, carrots, apples and more!  Homemade ice cream and pumpkin muffins will be available and complimentary for those who attend the market, just to name a few of the tasty treats offered!

2. Organic and Non-GMO

So what exactly is “GMO” and why is it important to know?  Genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, are created to grow better crops of grain and  fruits of plants or have more beautiful and appetizing vegetables.  Genetically mutated plants?  No thanks.  The products that you find at the Campus Farmers Market is all natural baby!

3. More Nutritious
In addition to these products being organic and non-GMOs they are healthier for you!  Just think- buying sunflower seeds at your local grocery super store could mean that they contain a whopping 35% more fat than those of the modified kind.

4. Safer 
No more worrying if your leafy greens in your lunch salad or cheese from your turkey sandwich is going to show up on the evening news as an E.Coli recall.  Eating foods that are not mass produced, bagged, and shipped eliminates much of the risk of contracting sickness.

5. Supports the Local Economy and Family Farms

Statesboro’s farmers are as close as 45 miles from campus.  So, not only does this mean that the farmers can get all of the organic, yummy produce to you quickly, but it also means that YOU help support local jobs and give back to the community you live in.

6. Affordable
The campus farmer’s market is perfect for the everyday busy college student.  Many people’s first thought when they see “Organic-USDA” stamped on the top of groceries is EXPENSE.  Because the produce comes from right down the road it keeps the cost from building due to transportation, labor costs, chemicals to maintain the produce, etc.  College students have many expenses to worry about already (tuition, books, class materials, etc.) and eating healthy should not be one of them!

7. Better for the Environment
Your apples aren’t coming from New York and your meat isn’t coming from Montana; it is coming from right around the corner in your beloved Statesboro, GA!  Buying from your local farmers helps to conserve depleting fossil fuels by not having to ship your veggies from the farm in California to your table.

8. And it just TASTES better!
Products that contain no chemicals, mutations, and are ripe and ready just taste better!  Buy yourself some local honey, at next week’s campus farmer’s market and taste the difference! It contains just the right components for allergy prevention for the local area and it’s a great natural sweetener- throw it in some tea and warm up in the fall months!

The next Campus Market will be Tuesday, Oct. 2 10am-1pm @ The Williams Center Plaza!

We know you’ll enjoy the Campus Farmer’s Market, so on the weekend hit up the Statesboro Main Street Farmer’s Market for some extra deliciousness.   http://www.farmersmarketonline.com/fm/TheMainstreetStatesboroFarmersMarket.html


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