How do you WELL?

Well.I.Am Week is a week that is purely focused on every spectrum of wellness.  Wellness is a balance of the mind, body, and spirit leaving you with an overall feeling of well-being.

Work hard, play hard- right?  While all of the dimensions of wellness are all equally important, sometimes remembering to get out there and work on your social and physical wellness goes by the wayside.

The ability to connect with others and maintain relationships seems simple enough, but when that is stacked on top of working out, school assignments, work, etc. these things get cut out.  So, how can you solve this problem?

Get involved! There are many clubs, organizations, and groups to be a part of on campus.  There are always intramurals to be a part of and new people to meet.

Well.I.Am Week:

Pledge to be well this week! Join us to kickoff off Well.I.Am week in style. This lunch hour will be packed with music, food, and prizes. Be sure to wear your walking shoes!

Monday, 12pm @ Russell Union Rotunda


When you got ready for class or work this morning was your shower 5 minutes or longer?  If so did you know that a person in a developing country uses less water than that in an entire day!

That’s not the only issue that this world faces.  Think about this: where do you plan to be in 20 years…working for a certain company?  Caring for a family? What about worrying where your next month’s supply of water will come from?

Water is one of the most important things that you can provide your body- it leads to increased energy levels, flushes out waste and bacteria, and it just tastes good!  So grab a reusable water bottle and drink up!

Come check out and learn about the Mounting Water Crisis  and what YOU can do about it!

Well.I.Am Week:
Speaker – Shalini Kantayya
Inside the Mounting Water Crisis

  • Monday, Oct. 8, 7pm @ PAC
  • Doors open at 6:30
  • Attendance Verification provided


Protection comes in all shapes and sizes from protection for yourself against disease to protecting the Earth’s depleting fossil fuels and living green.  How do you protect?  Protecting yourself from the brutal sun rays while bathing at the beach, buying from the local farmer’s market, or using reusable water bottles are all great forms of protection!

Well.I.Am Week:

Pilates for Pink® is a Shape Magazine initiative to raise awareness for breast cancer detection, prevention, treatment, and research. While CRI hosts Pilates classes others will be offered such as Spin to Save Second Base and Strike a Pose Against Cancer.

Tuesday, 5:30-6:45pm & 7:00-8:15pm @ RAC

HIV/STD testing:

Wednesday, 10am-2pm @ Russell Union 2041, 2047, 2080

Flu Shot Clinic:

Wednesday, 4-8pm @ RAC Lobby

Sustainability Field Trip: Recycling in Bulloch County:

Wednesday, 4-6pm


What would you say to someone about what you were feeling is you knew that there would be no chance of judgement or lack of acceptance?  There are  many things that people think about but may be too nervous about not being accepted in a certain group of friends or community.  The idea behind Frank Warren’s famous work was to promote acceptance and appreciation of one another, which is a very important and sometimes difficult aspect of your personal wellness.

Well.I.Am Week:

Students are invited to a Post-it Secret is a forum based-event grounded in Frank Warren’s work.

Tuesday, 8pm @ Williams Center Multipurpose Room


Come find out who is Georgia Southern’s Best Amateur Chef. 4 Individuals have been chosen to train with Eagle Dining Services Professional Chefs in order to compete for the title. They need your support, so come cheer them on.

Well.I.Am Week:

Super Chef- Come find out who is Georgia Southern’s Best Amateur Chef!

Wednesday, 4pm @ the Nest


The rage of local farmer’s markets seems to be on the rise more and more, but have you ever wondered what it’s like from the farmer’s point of view?  While the shoppers are able to enjoy all of the yummy and fresh foods that are provided at your local farmer’s market have you ever considered what the working man’s life is like or even becoming more knowledgeable about sustainability and what you can do to embrace that.

Well.I.Am Week:

Come to Hunter Cattle Farm to learn more about sustainable food and farming.

Friday, 9:30am -1pm.  Meeting @ the RAC.


For more information regarding Well.I.Am Week events please visit the University Wellness website.

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