Greenery 101: Greening up Your College Life

College is a busy place for everyone, from worrying about when you’re going to get your study time in, what you’re going to have for dinner, and if you are going to get sleep in the next three days with that huge Literature test looming over you.  The last thing a college kid typically seems to think about is what recycling container your yogurt goes into.

With all of the tests, study groups, and work out times aside it’s actually pretty easy to cut down on your carbon footprint in college and help to keep some cash in your wallet!

1.Turn off the faucet when not in use while washing your hands, the dishes, or brushing your teeth.
2.Take quick showers.  Taking a 10 minute shower could use up to 50 gallons of water!  That’s more than some people get in an entire day in some countries.  Cut down the time on those showers and preserve H2O, and it will help to keep some dollars in your wallet!
*Try changing your showerhead to a more eco-friendly one that allows water to flow less per minute.
3. Wash full loads of laundry and full loads of dishes.  If you have three towels to wash, hold back until the pile will fill the machine; most washers use up to 40 gallons of water per cycle, why waste it on three towels when you can use it for 10?
*Being frugal with detergent and using no more than the suggested amount can help cut back on overuse.  Also, don’t wash items like pants, skirts, sweaters, etc. every time you wear them will help them last longer- not to mention saving time, water, and energy.
4. Hang your clothes to dry
5. Wash your clothes in cold water -up to 90% of your washer’s energy is used by heating the water!
6. Even if you may not own the washing machine you are using, you can still help out the environment by washing your clothes in cold water. This not only causes less heat damage to your clothing, but it also uses less electricity.
7. Turn off lights when not in use.  Why light an empty room?  Turning off the the lights and fans in your room can help cut down those energy bills!  And when you’re not home or leaving for the weekend unplug those lamps, clocks, and computers.
8. Limit appliance use to one at a time—for instance, using the microwave and coffee maker at the same time uses almost double the electricity
9. Switch to energy-saving appliances and bulbs, such as CFLs.  This simple swap not only pulls less energy, but also helps to slice those pricey energy bills down.
10. Cut down on A/C.  Kick off the air conditioning in those cooler months and enjoy the fresh air from cracking open windows.

11. Reuse your scrap sheets of paper, and always try to print on both sides
12. Plastic grocery bags can be reused as trash bags, lunch sacks, doggy bags, and SO much more!  Never just throw them away.  Don’t forget about reusable shopping bags; many stores give you a discount for bringing your own!
13. Reuse plastic water bottles instead of just throwing them away.
14. There are dozens of recycling stations all over campus where you can recycle aluminum, plastic bottles, and mixed paper; use them!  If you have glass and other items make sure to utilize Statesboro 3 Recycling centers located nearby (link to their website).
15. Transportation
Walk, ride a bike, or use public transportation whenever possible.  You not only help save the environment and our fossil fuels, but you save $$$, and get a workout in!
16. Go paperless
Printer cartridges, paper, and textbooks all get a little on the pricey side.  Instead use paperless versions of documents when you can.  Write your papers on an online document hub such as Google Drive or iCloud.  Having your work “in the cloud” not only saves you the heartache of lost documents and papers, but it helps you to save on the dough.
17. Brown bag it
Brown bag your lunch instead of buying things from vending machines or a take-out place.  Pack your sandwich and snacks into reusable Tupperware containers for some added green savings!
* Don’t forget about those leftovers in your fridge; food is wasted so much by just letting it rot away in our refrigerators! Get creative: turn leftover pasta into pasta salad to eat cold by tossing in the left over veggies!
18. Bring Your Own…
Water bottle wherever you go.  Staying hydrated and cool is important, but its even cooler when you don’t have the added expense of buying that 12 pack of water at your local grocer for $8.  We are lucky enough to have water be more or less free and available so why tack on that extra expensive?

Don’t just stop at bringing your own bottle, before jetting off to your local coffee shop for that caffeine fix grab a coffee mug.  Many shops already accept the use of your own mug, and some even knock off a few cents on your order!

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