What’s so fun about “Fun Sized” anyway?

What weighs 24 pounds and runs throughout the year?  A bowling ball? A small dog?  An average 2 year old?

Nope!  Try the weight of candy the average American intakes each year, and you can bet your bottom dollar that most of the weight gets added on in the Halloweeny month of October
that creep just around the corner in the candy jar.

Just because you may be disguised as a pirate, a zombie, or Lady Liberty doesn’t mean that you’re hiding from those extra sugary candies.  So, what are some of the worst candies and treats that you may encounter this Hallow’s Eve?

Making the top five include those favorite devilish “fun sized” bars, foe fruity treats, and chocolatey extra calorie goodness.

1. Reese’s
Holidays and special events are prime times to turn everyday candies into themed treats.  While Reese’s Pumpkin candies are fun they still keep up with the other tasty treats rolling in with a sooky 170 calories and 16g sugar just for about two bites!

2. Snickers Fun Size
Snickers contain one-third more fat and calories than a Milky Way Mini from just one devilish bite.

3. Twix Minis

These crunchy treats may seem like every other bar in your Halloween bowl, but when they contain 150 calories and 15g sugar they add up to be close to 20 percent of the saturated fats that one person should intake per day.

4. Airheads

This twisted little treat contains 140 calories and a whopping 19g of sugar.  This candy contains nothing but sugar, filler carbs, and artificial flavors.  The only natural thing about this

5. Fun Size Butterfingers  candy is how much overtime your body will have to work to process these candies.

This “fun” bar contains 100 calories and 10g of sugar.  Adding the word “fun” doesn’t take away from the added sugars and concentrated fats that this little bar contains.

While things are good in moderation and a little chocolate is good for you, try to stick to items with fewer ingredients, and if you get a chocolate craving try some dark chocolate options.

But don’t forget about the other food groups out there! Instead of racking up on the processed chocolate and fruity flavored treats try some of these tasty snacks that you can make with ingredients from the Campus Farmer’s Market.

Pick up some of the items in these tasty snacks from the Farmer’s Market:



Halloween Green Bean Salad





Spiced Pumpkin Biscuits



Tricks and treats are all in good fun, just keep in mind that other tasty treats that lurk just around the corner at your local Campus Farmer’s Market!

Then come check out Yoga in the Garden @ 4:40-5:30 pm at the Garden of the Coastal Plain for Wellness Wednesday!

Georgia Southern Campus Farmer’s Market will be held November 6th at the Williams Center Plaza @ 10-1 pm!


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