Swap till You Drop

When thinking about social injustice issues often the first thoughts are usually along the lines of world hunger. ¬†But while many are rushing around during the holidays buying more and more to fill closets that are already stuffed with clothing that¬†hasn’t¬†been touched in months, days, or even decades many forget that those items could benefit […]

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Reduce, SWAP, Recycle?

Sharing and collaborating is nothing new. ¬†Decades have gone by where if you were in need of a cup of sugar you knew it was only one block down at your neighbor‚Äôs house. ¬†You’ve¬†also¬†probably carpooled to save gas, money on parking, or even just sheer convenience. ¬†While these interactions still occur today chances are they […]

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Born To Run

Running¬†isn’t¬†bad for you, you just gotta do it right. ¬†For years people have continued to speculate that running is bad for your body, and there has been even more hype since the recent death of famed¬†ultra runner¬†Micah True¬†who died while running in New Mexico. While this was a tragedy indeed, the truth is that many […]

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