Reduce, SWAP, Recycle?

Sharing and collaborating is nothing new.  Decades have gone by where if you were in need of a cup of sugar you knew it was only one block down at your neighbor’s house.  You’ve also probably carpooled to save gas, money on parking, or even just sheer convenience.  While these interactions still occur today chances are they do not happen as often.  With our ever changing age of technology and networks such as Twitter and Facebook driving our worlds, these ideas of sharing and collaborating have become more few and far between.

We are less likely to embrace the idea of sharing, but with many people becoming made more aware of environmental issues we have become more eager to collaborate and help make little changes to not only save on the moo-lah ($) but be a little more eco-friendly as well.

The common cliche, “one man’s trash is another person’s treasure” lives on.  Instead of heading to the mall when you are in need of a new pair of pants why not check out a new alternative that not only saves your wallet, but it gives the environment a break as well.

Producing clothing costs a lot more than you might think.

Water: A pair of jeans requires almost 2,000 gallons of water to produce.  That’s like watering your lawn for 9 hours straight!
Resources: Manufacturing textiles like polyester and rayon puts a huge strain on our natural world.

Packaging: Shopping bags, shipping boxes, packaging–these not only take up room in the closet, but are a create more waste in our garbage cans and landfills.  Reduce this waste by always taking your own bags when shopping or attending events where you can exchange your old clothes for newer ones!

So next time you make a shopping date to the mall with your friends head to the closet first.  November’s Wellness Wednesday, November 28, is Georgia Southern University’s first Swap, Don’t Shop event which will be held at Russell Union Rotunda 10 am-2 pm.

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