Swap till You Drop

When thinking about social injustice issues often the first thoughts are usually along the lines of world hunger.  But while many are rushing around during the holidays buying more and more to fill closets that are already stuffed with clothing that hasn’t been touched in months, days, or even decades many forget that those items could benefit a friend, a coworker, or someone less fortunate.

So instead of heading for the mall take a gander in the closet.  Many Americans have several pairs of shoes, or even several dozen, but did you know that over 300 million children across the world do not own a single pair of shoes?  (Which is where the development of Toms Shoes originated)

Many of us probably have several items, if not many just sitting in our closets collecting dust, but instead of tossing it into the trash bin, donate!  Donating clothes turns trash into treasure, all the while promoting REUSE!

Not only are you reducing waste in landfills, but this act helps to cut back on further use of resources.  By donating to consignment or thrift stores, you help the people who shop there avoid the considerable resources needed to produce any new item they would have bought instead–fabric, pesticides on cotton, dyes, manufacturing processes, shipping, packaging and more.

So why should we clutter the planet with more products when we all have enough to loan and trade?  This idea of swapping and not shopping is one that has been around for a while, but has just recently began to gain steam.  From activist groups to political leaders focusing our eyes on larger issues such as these social injustices, traditional marketing seems to be shifting to a more green light.

To learn more and participate come to the Russell Union Rotunda Wednesday, November 28th between 10-2 pm!  Drop off your gently worn clothes in the drop box in the RAC Lobby and sign your name and number of items you donated.  If you don’t make it to the drop box, bring the items to the swap event. Each item you donate will earn you a ticket to take an item from the swap!

Check out these helpful tips to green your wardrobe and the planet!

Other cool sites with some sweet info!

The Nature Conservancy

Clothes 4 Souls

National Geographic 


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