Stress Less for These Tests!

With the holidays just around the corner that means one thing to the typical college students: Finals Week.  These two words can result in panic and stress for some, but for those that are ready to tackle the week full of papers, exams, project, and even holiday parties could be a week of less stress.

Many folks may have their own ways around the stress, but there are some quick simple tips to keep you out of the red zone to stay calm and focused.

1. Get Time Away:
Make sure to set aside some “you time”.  While some may believe that “me time” is not for those busy bees it is important to take a step back and just breathe.  Being constantly around those that are stressed can result in even more stress for you.  Grab your favorite book, watch a TV show, or spend time doing something you enjoy, but users beware: set a time slot for this time to ensure you stay on track with your schedule.

Office Meditation

2. Spend 3-5 Minutes Doing NOTHING:
That’s right, turn off the TV, cut the music, and silence your cell phone and just be!   This activity helps you to calm your mind and refocus your plan and goals that you are so eager to get after.

3. Spend 15-20 Minutes Doing Something FUN:

This is another refocusing tactic, but social involvement helps to energize other parts of your brain.  Do a puzzle, have a dance party in your car, anything that you enjoy!
4. Exercise in a Low-Stress Situation:
Competition is fun and healthy, but can occupy your mind after the activity is over.  Take a walk, jump in the pool for a swim, or stop by Campus Recreation & Intramurals for a fitness class.

5. Plan:
The word we all anticipate when reading lists such as these, but it is a critical part of de-stressing.  Write down everything that you have to do, rank things that are important, and organize things as you see fit.  User beware: be honest with yourself.  Giving yourself a small amount of time to complete something might only induce stressors.  Over estimating time to do an activity, assignment, or study time will only help you in the long run and give you even more wind down time.

Planning ahead and being proactive is important, but don’t forget to reward yourself for the hard work you’ve put forth!   Swing by the Russell Union Rotunda and wind down with Georgia Southern’s University Wellness Program for Wellness Wednesday.  Wellness Wind Down is presented by the University Wellness Program which will include chair massages by certified specialists and smoothies to help you wind down and cool off after those stressful exams!

Wellness Wind Down is December 12th @ 10-2 pm at the Russell Union Rotunda.


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