Drink, Sleep, and Breathe: Keys to the Road to Unwinding

Early wake up calls, study groups, and scantron bubbling is almost over!  Now that the first half of finals week is here many students are beginning to wrap up and are ready to unwind after all the stress and tension of exams.

While there are many ways to keep calm and keep the stress to a minimum during a crazy high-pressure week, there are also ways to relax and unwind after the week is over.

1. Drink some water and green teaGreen Tea

Replenishing your body is extremely important, especially if your week has included the typical up all-nighter remedies (i.e. massive amounts of coffee, sugary energy drinks, and little to no sleep).  Water makes up more than half of the human body and it is important to refill what has been burned off- and it will help keep you focused.

Drinking tea after a stress-filled week helps you fight the physical signs of stress by reducing the stress hormone in your body.  Load up and relax!

2.  Disconnect.

Turn off and relax your eyes.  Turn off your phone, close the laptop, and shut off the TV.  Bright screens can cause strain in your eyes and furthermore- anxiety in your brain.

3. Go to bed early and/or sleep in

Sleep is significantly important to one’s health, yet it is one of the most overlooked problems when it comes to functionality.  The American Psychological Association reports that sleepiness undoubtedly takes a toll on effective decision making.  Lack of sleep also tends to throw a person’s system out of whack (eating habits, exercise habits, etc.).
5. Attend a Yoga class

Many times have we pointed to yoga as an aid to physical, emotional, and mental ailments, and that is- well, because it rocks.  There is a reason many yoga studios end in the tag line, “for the mind, body, and soul.”
Chair Massage Therapy

6. Get a massage

Mental stress can often times lead to physical tensions.  These tensions can be worked out through massage therapy.  The University Wellness Program will be offering complimentary chair massages for Wellness Wind Down, this Wednesday 10-2 pm at the Russell Union Common Area.
7. Eat Fruit

Fruit, like water, helps greatly with revitalizing the body.  Throughout the day the human body not only loses water but nutrients as well.  It is suggested that each day we intake and replace 2.4 liters of water per day- some of this water is taken in with a big glass of good ‘ole H2O while the remaining is replaced with food.  Fruits are not only yummy and tasty, but carry a large percentage of water, so grab some berries or an apple and you’re set!

One More Time!
One More Time!

8. Go and See or Watch a sporting event

This a great alternative to help de-stress.  Engaging in social activities with friends in a friendly environment is a great way to take your mind off things.  Don’t forget the Georgia Southern Eagles play in the semi-finals for the National Football Championship title!  Gather some friends and tune in to cheer on the Eagles against North Dakota State!


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