How To Beat Those New Year’s Resolutions

Eat Healthy.  Exercise regularly.  Save money.  Volunteer more.  Read more. Drink less.

Sound familiar?  These are just some of the most popular New Year’s Resolutions.  While setting goals for yourself is great and these goals are awesome, how do you stick with them for an entire 365 days or more?


While there is no magic pill that will make you exercise regularly or make you read a new book everyday, there are some things that you can do that will increase chances of success with your newly sought out New Year’s Resolution.

1. Be Realistic and Specific:
Planning to completely overhaul your regular routine for a new one are usually doomed.  Humans are creatures of habit and many times changing what you did in 2012 to a completely new groove can lead to struggles, frustrations, and giving up on the plan.

Choosing a realistic and specific goal will help to keep you focused on your goal.  For instance, your new goal: to eat healthy.  The specific goal: to brown bag your lunches for the work and school day.  This goal aims to cut down on the processed food to go and also helps to make you more aware of what you are putting in your body.  See?  Realistic AND specific!

2. Write it Down:
A study produced by Dominican University shows that those goal setters that write down their goals accomplished significantly more than those goal setters that hand unwritten goals.

Jotting down your resolution helps you to stay accountable and committed to the plan.  So write down your goal and stick it on the fridge or your bathroom mirror; you’ll see it and be reminded every day!


3.  Get a Partner:

Most keep their promises to friends and family in fear that they will disappoint them.  Get someone on board with you to help you stay accountable and keep you motivated!  Grabbing a buddy limits negative attitude and will help you to avoid the, “I can always do it tomorrow” attitude.

Hitting up the RAC for a group fitness class is a great way to get a work out in with others!

4.  Keep a Log:
If you haven’t noticed by now you can see that goals are difficult to meet without staying accountable.  Keeping a log of what you are doing to achieve your goals not only keeps you obligated, but a log also helps to keep you focused on what you are doing to achieve your goal.

Changing habits is not an easy feat- but being able to see what how many miles run, what you are eating for dinner, or how much you are spending helps to keep you in check and on track!

5.  Have YOU time:
This might be one of the most important things to help folks stay true to their New Year’s Resolutions.  Setting aside time to settle down, let your mind wander, and think about your goals.  While the new year is full of new and exciting things that can usually equate to busy and sometimes stressful weeks.

Being able to keep your objective in mind and insight will help you to stay focused.  So turn off the TV, do some daydreaming, or grab your yoga mat and enjoy some YOU time.

New Year’s Resolutions and goals encompass all aspects of Wellness: emotional, environmental, intellectual, occupational, physical, social, and spiritual.  How will you be WELL in 2013?


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