I have a dream.

Perhaps four of the most powerful words in American rhetoric.  Martin Luther King, Jr. stood up before millions in the nation’s capital before the Lincoln memorial 50 years ago and voiced his dream to millions.

In today’s world that one Monday in February is often celebrated with no work and cancelled class, but MLK dreamed big dreams.

Now through the end of January Georgia Southern students, faculty, and staff can celebrate the national holiday in honor of the late Reverend for the contribution he made to the civil rights movement.

“Voice Your Dream” boards are scattered throughout campus for all to voice what they dream for themselves, their peers, or the world!  Voice Your Dream NOW!  Not only are students encouraged to voice their dreams on these boards around campus but, but hop online and post to our Facebook Page and/or Tweet with the hashtag #DreamGSU.
VYDPost3   VYDPost4   VYDPost2

While some folks have great dreams of world wide education or simply understanding what E=MC2 means others may dream of leading a healthier lifestyle.  Wellness Wednesday can do just that!

To kick off the first Wellness Wednesday of 2013 the University Wellness Program and Nutrition Services present a sweet cooking demonstration.  This week we will be showing you how to whip up organic apple sandwiches for a quick sweet treat.  Of course we will need some eager participants to chow down on the munchies and let us know how awesome they are.

Cooking Demo
Fitness’ Brianna cookin’ up some YUM!

After feeding your stomach you can feed on some physical and spiritual wellness!  Chair massages will be offered by our team of massage specialist to help you ease your tensions and check out what Campus Recreation & Intramurals has to offer.

Added bonus to your Wellness: this week ONLY massages are $10 off for students and $5 off for faculty/staff *


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