Spice Up the New Year with Healthy Munchies

Eating the clean eats may sound like a lot of work and sometimes a little on the pricey side- especially for the average college student- but truth be told it just takes a little planning.

Shrimp Goat Cheese Quesadillas

In blog’s past we have encouraged our readers to eat the green stuff and take note in what you are consuming.  So awesome-  you’ve got the first step under wraps…but some may ask: What now?

Eating the same ol’ eggs for breakfast and grilled chicken for dinner can most definitely get old.  We are humans and desire a good changeup in our palettes.  The biggest step to getting the best of both worlds, both clean/healthy foods and the yum factor, is to plan.

From planning your trips to the grocery store to planning what you’re gonna chow down on for tomorrow’s lunch.  This will help you busy bees that have classes on top of work on top of studying to keep you full, focused, and eating right.

Making a meal plan that fits your schedule will totally get you started in the right direction.  Check out some new recipes on the web or swing by the Wellness Center and grab some info to help you make choices when it comes to eating out.  The more you know the more you can experiment.
Beef Wraps
And remember: you don’t have to eat like a rabbit to get the clean eats.  Chicken and salmon are great go-tos, but don’t forget about shrimp recipesblack beans for some protein, or even beef!

This Wellness Wednesday Nutrition Services will be showing off their skills while whipping up some quick and tasty treats.  Come and learn how easy and YUM clean eating is with organic apple sandwiches on the go!

Wellness Wednesday cooking demo will be held in the RAC Lobby at 5:30pm!

For more information:

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