Get the Skinny on Hunger

You are what you eat.  Maybe you’ve heard this once or twice in your lifetime?  In the world Americans live in today we seem to be constantly focused on dieting and looking slim, but sometimes health is put on the back burner. Yeah, you may be “skinny” but at what cost?  Being healthy is what is the […]

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Let Your Wellness GLOW!

So- what is Wellness?  Many of us might think of physical attributes automatically.  Some may believe it’s what you eat or how much you work out.  Others think it’s how you feel emotionally and socially. Well guess what? All of these answers are spot on.  We define Wellness to exist in 7 dimensions: physical, social, […]

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How’s Your Ticker Tickin’?

Many months are celebrated with colors of awareness or celebrating the accomplished. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, February celebrates Black History Month, then there is American Heart Month! Now some of you may think that Heart Disease is something you won’t have to worry about until you get up in the digits…but oh, contraire! […]

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