How’s Your Ticker Tickin’?

Many months are celebrated with colors of awareness or celebrating the accomplished. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, February celebrates Black History Month, then there is American Heart Month!

Now some of you may think that Heart Disease is something you won’t have to worry about until you get up in the digits…but oh, contraire!  Heart disease is no matter of light heartedness.  Heart related issues are the #1 killer of men and women alike over the young age of 20!

So what can you do about it?  Be knowledgeable and aware- for starters.  Here are some quick tips to keep your ticker tickin’ like it should.

1. Move!
Your heart is a muscle and craves to be used.  It needs to be worked out just like any of your other muscles, like a dog needs its tennis ball.  Ph. D. James Levine explains the Modern- Day Desk Sentence and how it’s killing us slowly.  As human beings we, for thousands of generations, our environment has demanded nearly constant physical activity until now.

While technology is awesome and super helpful don’t let that be an excuse.  Get up and move!  Head to the RAC  for a group fit class, walk to class instead of driving, sign up for a road race- like Race 2 Break!

2. Get your Zzz’s on
Studies have proven that lack of sleep and sleeping problems are cause of high-blood pressure.  Doctors also have seen that lack of sleeping can build up that muffin top…which is another culprit of heart attacks and other heart related issues. Check out some helpful tips to get you snoozin’ like ya should: Zzzz’s

Heart Healthy

3. Healthy Eats
Munching on unprocessed or plant-based/raw foods have a great effect on your thumper.  Natural foods keep sugars and sodium to a minimum which is what your heart functions best on.  Salt can increase blood pressure in the body due to retaining more fluid that your body and heart may be used to.

4. Stress Less
Stressing increases your heart beat, which results in ineffective pumping of the blood.  A Penn State University study discovered that stressed women’s hearts pumped less blood than the stressed-out male.  When your heart pumps less there is more strain on that muscle.

5. Know Your Story
Jeans may influence popularity, but your GENES may influence your heart disease risk.  The American Heart Association explains the the risks like this: If your mom or your sister was diagnosed with heart disease before age 65, or a father or brother received a diagnosis before age 55, your odds of having a heart attack one day increase threefold!

Heart Disease is definetly not to be taken lightly.  Know the facts and act!

Fact of the Week:  Heart Disease is the number one killer of men and women over age 20, and one in three women have already racked up damage without having a clue

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