Let Your Wellness GLOW!

So- what is Wellness?  Many of us might think of physical attributes automatically.  Some may believe it’s what you eat or how much you work out.  Others think it’s how you feel emotionally and socially.

Well guess what? All of these answers are spot on.  We define Wellness to exist in 7 dimensions: physical, social, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, occupational, and environmental.  Because Wellness exists in so many spectrums of our lives Georgia Southern’s University Wellness Program, partnered with almost 30 local companies and organizations, dedicates an entire week to educate and celebrate wellness.


Start letting your wellness glow at the Wellness Week Block Party! On Friday, February 15th Wellness Week will be in full effect:

LiveWell Fair:
Some of the highlighted events for the week include the LiveWell fair.  We have teamed up with dozens of local Statesboro vendors who will represent the 7 dimensions of wellness.  Students and faculty get pumped to roam around the Russell Union learning new things and scoring some cool giveaways.  Be sure to pick up your Live Well Fair passport. Visit 5 of the 8 vendors on the passport for a free t-shirt. Also, the first 100 students to bring a canned good item to the fair will receive a pair of neon sunglasses.

Empty Bowl Project:
We are proud to bring the Empty Bowl Project to Georgia Southern for another semester!  Come grab a hand painted bowl and fill it up with some tasty chili.   The bowl you select will be yours to keep in remembrance of all the Empty Bowls in the world. All proceeds from the event will be donated to our local food bank.

Super Chef:
Spatulas ready? Stove heated? Cook!  Four students will be battling it out in the heat of the kitchen to see who will be Georgia Southern’s Super Chef!  Eagle Dining Services Executive Chefs have been coaching each of the four students as they prepare a tasty, healthy dish that will be judged to determine the best cook in the kitchen.

There is something for everyone to enjoy throughout wellness week.  The full schedule of events is posted below.  Come out and watch your wellness GLOW!

WW Postcard of Weeks Events


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