Get the Skinny on Hunger

You are what you eat.  Maybe you’ve heard this once or twice in your lifetime?  In the world Americans live in today we seem to be constantly focused on dieting and looking slim, but sometimes health is put on the back burner.


Yeah, you may be “skinny” but at what cost?  Being healthy is what is the most important when it comes to matters of the body and mind.

The Truth About Diets:

Many dieters turn to what are called “fad diets”.  Experts say that these “Fad Diets” will help you shed weight, but here’s the catch: it’s not long term.  Yep, you’ll lose the L-Bs for a little bit, but only because many of these diets are depriving your body of essentials.


*Did you know that in countries outside of the U.S. “Diet Sodas” don’t exist…they are called “Light Sodas” to refer to the lighter sugar content…because what those outside of the U.S. call a “diet” is their way of life.

The truth is a “diet” is simply defined as “food and drink regularly provided or consumed,” (defined by Merriam-Webster).  So don’t “go on a diet” make a change to your diet, make it a lifestyle.  Georgia Southern’s Student Dietetic Association aims to provide knowledge and helpful tips to students and facutly so that you can get some sweet tips on making changes if you need them.
The Truth About Sugar-Free & Fat-Free Products:

“Fat free” and “sugar free” are quite frequently used on food products to entice the the buyer who is trying to lose weight or be healthier, and many will assume that those products are not fattening.  The truth is that if you avoid fats it really won’t help you lose much.

The truth is that the human body needs dietary fat for things like energy.  The body also uses fats from foods to help cell functionality and body temperature.

So you want the skinny on losing those extra holiday L-Bs?  Get the facts, learn about being a smart consumer, and be hungry for a change.  Georgia Southern’s Student Dietetic Association will be presenting a FREE showing of “Hungry For Change” on March 5th @ 7 pm in the Russell Union Theater.


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