So You’re Looking for a J-O-B…

When you ask a 5 year old, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” you usually get an instant response.  While the responses are sometimes an astronaut, a princess, or a superhero, little kids have no limits for their big dreams.

Now that you are a 20-something or 30-something that question is a little more loaded.  It might have become a looming question that triggers uncertainty, excitement, and sometimes fear.

So now, the age-old question: “What are your plans after college?”

Dream of the perfect job, and go for it!  Some may have a struggle on knowing how to get there, but know your opportunities and seize them.  Paving the way to your career can be exciting, frustrating, or downright scary, but knowing your resources is a big help.


Tomorrow Georgia Southern University’s Career Services is hosting The Eagle Expo: Career & Graduate School Fair.  This is a great way to show off all of that hard work that’s stuffed in your resume, meet and greet employers who are looking for savvy soon-to-be college graduates, and get some experience in interacting with the corporate world folks.

The Expo is designed for eager GSU students and graduates so you will be able to network with employers and graduate schools from all over the country.  So now that you know how can you prepare?

1. Resume

Get your resume together.  If you do not already have one in the works don’t fret!  Head to Career Services and they can help you whip one up in no time.

*Remember your resume is your marketing tool to sell yourself.  It should highlight key things you have done in your collegiate or working world(s).

It should be well written, organized, and easy to read.  The chances of a potential employer sitting down and reading your resume word-for-word is slim, so make it easy and eye-catching.

Career Services is also a great place to have professionals look at your resume and/or cover letter to get a second opinion and some pointers.

2. Look Sharp

Employers want to see that you are professional and ready to take on the world.  Remember to dress like a professional and conservatively; first impressions last a long time and starting with your threads and appearance is key.

Rolling up in last night’s outfit may not be the best idea.  Pick out your outfit the night before have it cleaned, pressed, and ready to go.  Check out what has to say about those interview threads.

3. Positive Attitudes ROCK!

Positive first impressions may start with your appearance, but end with your attitude and demeanor.  Career Services offers these helpful tips:

  • Offer a firm handshake
  • Greet the employer by name
  • Be relaxed and enthusiastic
  • Do not smoke or chew gum
  • Maintain eye contact

Employers love to see enthusiasm and energy, so give ‘em what they want!

Come drop by the Eagle Expo and get a feeling of what kind of jobs are out there, how to handle potential employers, and how to prepare yourself for an interview.

For More Information and a list of Participants click on the link: GSU Career Expo

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