Be a Lean Green Machine

Spring has sprung!  The grass is greening and you should too!

There are simple ways to green up your life TODAY and what you can do TOMORROW to spring into action!

1. Have a cookout

Today:  Call up some friends and have everyone bring a couple things to contribute to a meal.  In no time you’ll have a full course dinner and have spent only a couple of bucks!

Tomorrow:  Plan group meals once a week.  Not only will you get to spend some quality time with friends, but everyone will be able to cut spending on going out to eat.

2. Energy Update


Today:  Turn off the lights and unplug when you head out of your house.  Experts say that even when you power down energy ghosts still lurk and can continue to suck 5% -10% of your energy costs.  After you’ve unplugged pull the shades; shading your windows will help to cut your heating and cooling costs down.

:  Replace incandescent light bulbs with CFLs or LED lights.  CFLs use about 75% less energy than incandescent bulbs.  Make your pledge tomorrow, Wednesday March 13th to Go Green and receive a free CFL light bulb! The CFL giveaway will be at the Russell Union 12-2pm and the RAC 5-7pm.

3. Eat Green

Today:  Be more conscious of what you are chowing down on.  Greens are loaded with extra vitamins and minerals.  Spring is the season of veggies and greenery; your farmer’s will thank you and so will your body!

Tomorrow:  The Campus Farmer’s Market is back!  Starting March 26th local Statesboro farmers will be wheeling out to the Williams Center Plaza on Tuesdays from 10 am to 1 pm to serve up fresh produce and goodies such as grass fed burgers, strawberries, honey, kale, spinach, turnips, carrots, tomatoes baked goods and loads more!

4.  Be Less Disposable

Today:  Toss your plastics water bottles into the recycle bins located throughout campus or print on both sides of the paper.  Being mindful of where your waste is going is a great first step!  Don’t forget that you can also just refill your empty plastic bottles at water fountains.  The RAC offers filtered water stations for this purpose!  Reduce and Reuse!


Tomorrow:  Invest in the environment and recycle at home!  There are 6 recycling centers located in the Statesboro area not to mention recycling stations all throughout campus.  So don’t only recycle your plastic bottles but paper, aluminum cans, glass jars, and more!  You’ll find yourself taking out the trash MUCH less and being a great environmental citizen.
5.  Be a Lean Green Non-Cooking Machine

Today:  Put down the pots and pans and step away from the oven.  It is starting to warm up outside, so who wants to heat up the kitchen with the oven and stove tops running?  Spring is the perfect time to excuse yourself from the kitchen and enjoy raw foods from your local market.  These fresh greens are tender and tasty and are good for the eating- no cooking needed!

Tomorrow:  So if you do want to cook up a steamy dish make a one-pot dish.  Crock pots , casseroles, and all-in-one dishes not only reduce the need to heat up the oven and reduce dish washing, but they are typically quick and easy for the everyday busy college student!

What will you do to green your spring?

Go Green CFL Give-a-Way:  March 13th Russell Union 12-2pm & RAC 5-7pm
Farmers Market:  March 26th @ Williams Center Plaza 10-1 pm

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