How Do You Keep It Under Control?

Often times college is idealized as a care-free world that lacks responsibilities and worries.  However, college students find stress and frustration in more than just what their spring break plans are.

Teenage Student Studying Hard

Classes, jobs, tuition, friends, family, parenthood, money…just to name a few, are among the multitude of worries students may endure.  The bummer is there will always be stressors in life, but that’s totally normal.  Knowing how to keep your head in the game and not let your stress become excessive is key.  So, how can you Keep It Under Control?


Knowing and understanding how your body and mind react to stressful situations can help to alert your mind and turn towards some of your favorite de-stress tactics.  Some sweat, some contemplate negative thoughts, and some have difficulty concentrating.

Both the physical and emotional symptoms are very powerful, so knowing yourself helps to alert your mind and body.

Reactors include: Depression, fear, anxiety, unwanted thoughts


Lifestyles that maintain balance help people to stay organized- and no, we don’t  just mean keeping a tidy desk.  Organization with social activities, jobs, money- everything helps to keep your brain on track and focused.

The human brain functions best when you keep things in some kind of order.  Chaos is when things can get sticky.  So grab a day planner or go to bed at the same time every night to maintain balance.

The Unbalanced can result in: Mood swings, feeling overwhelmed, anxiety


Taking a look at things from a new angle often help you to understand things.  When people get tunnel vision, or hone in on a certain mindset or idea, they often become more stressed than need be.


Discussing issues with friends, family, or someone who has been in your shoes is the best way to understand all of the ways to look at a situation.  Talking things out helps to ease your

There are many things that can induce stress, but the main sources can be caused by:stresses and can even help you to clarify and understand your own values even more.

The Environment: noise, traffic, crowds

Physiological: illness, sleep/nutrition problems

Thoughts: negative self-talk, perfectionism

Social: work, friends, family, financial

Keeping It Under Control

Tomorrow is Wellness Wednesday and the University Wellness Program will be showing students how it can be difficult to keep their stressors “under control”.  Discussing what students can do to deal with the stress and learn how others do as well.

Keeping It Under Control will be held at the Russell Union 11-2 pm on Wednesday, March 17th.

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