Make No Impact

White collar, blue collar?  How about a Green Collar job?  Better yet, how about a Green economy, a green world!

No Impact week is a chance of the Georgia Southern Community to get green with a week-long carbon cleanse.  Just by lowering your impact with a few changes you can help benefit the planet AND your life.

These changes to your everyday life are not just limited to chucking a plastic bottle into the recycling bin or carpooling once a week.  Simple everyday changes can make the biggest impacts and change, not only the environment, but the economy as well!

This No Impact Week Georgia Southern has the pleasure of welcoming keynote speaker Van Jones to Statesboro.  Jones is an advocate for people-powered innovations and is eager to get folks moving and grooving with the green movement.


It’s not just some “hip” thing to do anymore.  The more we try to preserve the planet now the more there will be in the future and the more enriched your life will be.


Jones has risen from his local grass-roots and blossomed into a leader of a national movement to build a green economy.  He is author of two New York Times best Sellers: Rebuild the Dream and The Green Collar Economy.
Van Jones will be speaking at the Performing Arts Center [PAC] on Wednesday, April 17th @ 7 PM.Dream and The Green Economy.


Check out what you can do to paint the world green!  No Impact Week events continue through April 22nd!  Click here to see the full schedule for No Impact Week @ GSU.




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