So What’s TWLOHA All About?


Depression.  Addiction.  Thoughts of Suicide.  They hurt, and too often do those around you not realize that others are there to help through love and support to give hope.


These topics are very heavily weighted, but are necessary to discuss and understand.  To Write Love On Her Arms does just that.  This non-profit group is dedicated to helping those suffering with depression, addiction, self-injury, body image, and suicidal thoughts.  This national organization does many things to get the word out and spread the love.


Those that are dealing with these heavy issues often find help when they seek someone they can talk to.  These things can stem from depression and studies have found that talk therapy can help treat and/or improve 2/3 of those suffering.

loveTalking things out shouldn’t be limited to those severe problems such as depression or addiction but can do wonders for those that just may be a little more stressed than normal.  Professionals explain that this type of disclosure helps with mental health, life events, physical illness, relationship problems and more.


And the best part?  It does not matter if you are young or old, male or female, rich or poor letting go of the negative through talking HELPS!


Georgia Southern is offering a great experience to get informed, be encouraged, and inspire one another.  Wellness Wednesday will be kicked off with an exciting event hosted by GSU’s Adrenaline Show Choir.  Adrenaline is looking forward to having organizations campus-wide to show their talents, skills, and encouragement to help send the message that there is someone out there that can give those suffering hope.

The talent show will be Wednesday, April 24th 7 pm @ the Williams Center [Multipurpose Room].

What will you do to “Write Love On Her Arms”? What will YOU do to bring hope?

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