Sweat Your Heart Out

So what ARE these 7 dimensions of wellness all about?  Occupational, emotional, spiritual, environmental, social, but sometimes we forget about one or the other. One thing is for sure: balancing all 7 of these can be, well, a balancing act!

Campus Recreation & Intramurals Cardio Deck

Let us not forget that this includes our exercise routines. As college students we get into a repetitive, tedious schedule:

Wake up. Caffeine. Class. Work. Homework. Workout. Repeat.

Our lives continue on this recurring cycle. Although it is FANTASTIC to have a continuous schedule when it comes to our number one priority as students here at GSU. But, if you think that you need to change up your workout routine, the simple answer is affirmative.

Our natural instinct is to adapt as human beings. Sticking to the same workout routine day by day is convenient yes, but you will not gain results. If you continually change up your workouts, your body will be challenged. You will not get bored, you will not get lack of results, and you will not fall off the wagon!

Group Fitness classes here at Georgia Southern offer a wide variety of classes from Zumba to Southern Sculpt. Whether you are looking to learn a few dance moves or get your heart pounding in a super sweaty mess. There is a class for YOU.

Madness in the Meadow

Campus Recreation and Intramurals have some legit, hard-core programs such as Madness in the Meadow, Women in Weights, and Weight loss Education Program.

So you think you are stuck in a rut? You don’t have to be! Join an intramural team. The registrations for Sand Volleyball, Softball, and Basketball are all open now! Grab a buddy and climb the rock wall. Attend a new Group Fitness class. Go for a swim in our Olympic size pool. Walk a dog. Hire a Personal Trainer.

And if you will be here during the summer the activities don’t stop when spring semester is over, complete the Tri-Eagle Challenge this summer! Try strength training. See how many miles you can run. Go on a Southern Adventures trip. Stay connected. Be balanced and awesome! And, most importantly, BE WELL!

Be sure to check out the Group Fitness schedule and get your blood pumpin’!



A huge shout out to one of CRI’s fabulous Group Fitness instructors and a Georgia Southern University SOAR Leader, Hannah Payton, for being our guest blog post of the week!  You ROCK Hannah!


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