Beat the Statesboro Heat


Ahh…Sweet summer time! Finally a break from the everyday classroom grind, but unfortunately this means that 90 degree Statesboro weather is back again and it is not letting up. Instead of staying in the nice A/C this summer, find different ways to beat the heat. Below are a few new ways to stay cool and stay WELL this summer!

Froyo-All the new crave! Get some friends together for a Froyo date. Statesboro offers two fairly new frozen yogurt stores, La Berry and Bliss Berry, which offer fun flavors from pomegranate to cake batter. The nutritional information is displayed for each flavor; stick with the fresh fruit toppings to be extra health conscious! Want another sweet treat option? Check out the local Statesboro Mainstreet Farmers Market for homemade ice cream from Southern Swiss Dairy!

Pool Hopping– Cambridge, The Forum, Campus Crossings, The RAC…you name it, they have a pool! Start at one and end up at another for a fun way to stay cool this summer. Grab your RAC outdoor pooltowel, sunscreen, and volleyball and spend a day at the pools in Statesboro.

Visit Tybee Island– Be a beach bum! Take a day trip to visit the sand and water while enjoying all the nifty shops Tybee has to offer. Grab some ice cream, a cool drink, or take a dip in the water to stay cool all while having a blast!

Even though the temperature may reach 100 degrees, don’t fret! Get creative and stay cool, active, and WELL during this Statesboro summer!



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