Keep Our Campus Clean: Wellness Wednesday

‘Georgia Southern University has been named to the Princeton Review’s Guide to 322 Green Colleges’-Princeton Review Georgia Southern University has been recognized multiple times for its beauty and cleanliness for a college campus. Attending a university with an attractive campus will help it continue to appeal to future students with its welcoming atmosphere, contribute to cultivating […]

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Occupational Wellness

Out of the seven dimensions of wellness (spiritual, physical, intellectual, environmental, occupational, emotional and social), occupational is often ignored. It’s very easy to focus on working out or socializing and simply pushing work to the back burner. Occupational wellness is a balancing act between work and leisure time, the capability of addressing stress, as well […]

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Summer Involvement

Sure, Statesboro may be primarily a college town, but it surprisingly has a lot to offer during the summer! You may get bored with the same everyday grind, so find something out of the ordinary to be involved with. Statesboro has different events, live music, and a variety of places to visit. Listed are some […]

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Delicious Food=Less Stress

Everyone knows that it is incredibly easy to get stressed out nowadays. Whether its classes, relationships, or personal situations, we are all on edge at some point or another. “Take deep breaths,” “get more sleep,” “use a planner.” Yes… we all know to do that, but what about eating? Everyone loves to eat, right?! Some […]

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