Delicious Food=Less Stress

Everyone knows that it is incredibly easy to get stressed out nowadays. Whether its classes, relationships, or personal situations, we are all on edge at some point or another. “Take deep breaths,” “get more sleep,” “use a planner.” Yes… we all know to do that, but what about eating? Everyone loves to eat, right?!

Some foods have actually been proven to help reduce stress level and the majority of them are surprisingly good for you. Some awesome and yummy stress reducing foods are listed below for your tasting pleasure!

cashewsCashews- High in Zinc, they have been linked to reduced depression and anxiety while containing good sources of fat and protein. Toss them in a salad or chop them up to spice up a stir fry. When you’re craving something crunchy and salty, skip the chips and head for the nuts!

Berries- All berries have been proven to help fight stress because of the high level of Vitamin C and presence of antioxidants. Berries are easy to add to your diet, whether it is snacking on them frozen or tossing them in a smoothie, add some to your lifestyle! Check out the Main Street Statesboro Farmers Market for fresh and local berries!

Chocolate- The one we were all waiting for! Of course, a Hershey’s bar everyday most likely won’t do you any good; try just a few pieces once a week. Dark chocolate specifically is shown to dark chocolatereduce blood pressure from the large amounts of polyphenols, helping to calm you down. So cut back on the chocolate, but don’t cut it out.

Stress can become a very serious issue if it gets out of control, and sometime food won’t always do the trick. If you have tried all you can do and still feel that heavy weight on your shoulders, contact the Georgia Southern University Counseling Center at (912)478-5541.


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