Hands On Relaxation

Sore legs from an intense workout? Cramped neck from too much studying? Just in need of some serious R&R? What about an awesome and relaxing massage! The RAC has three licensed Massage Therapists in order to help your life be a little less stressful.

Massage therapy is a type of rehabilitation for the mind, body, and spirit. It has a long list of benefits, including relief from anxiety and stress, headaches, sports injuries, fibromyalgia and nerve and joint pain. There are different kinds of massage therapy, each with its own unique style and results. Check out these popular and well known types of massage therapy:

-Swedish massage: A gentle and basic type of massage that involves kneading, long strokes, and deep circular movements in order to help relax and energize the client.massage

-Deep tissue massage: Slower, more forceful strokes are used in order to target the deeper layer or connective tissue and muscle. This is often used to help with muscle damage from injuries.

-Sports massage: Similar to the two listed above, the sports massage relieves aches and pains while focuses on preventing or treating sports related injuries.

– Hot Stone: The direct heat of the stones relaxes the muscles, allowing for more direct access to the deeper layers of tissue. The stones also expand blood vessels, allowing for better circulation throughout the body.

Getting a massage can do a ton of good not only for your body, but your mind as well. People often times have increased energy, improved sleeping habits, and improved concentration after receiving a massage. In order to get the most out of your appointments, establish a treatment plan in order to start your own health and wellness schedule.

Check out the following website for more information on pricing, scheduling, and each individual therapist at the RAC. After your first massage, you’ll be coming back for more!




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