Rain, Rain, Go Away

Monday’s forecast=RAIN, Tuesday’s forecast=RAIN, Wednesday’s forecast=RAIN, etc. Tired of all the Statesboro summer rain yet? Sometimes the rain is a good thing, but man is it getting repetitive this summer?! With the weather keeping you inside most of the day, it makes it hard to check things off of your to-do list as well as get active outside. In order to stayOrganization well with all the downpours, here is a list of things to tackle on one of those rainy days when you feel like doing nothing. Enjoy!

1. Organize something- Pick an area of your house or apartment and get to work! Whether it be straightening up your desk, re-arranging your living room, or sorting through your kitchen cabinets, you will feel great about it afterwards! Start with a giveaway or trash pile and go through things little by little; you’re bound to come across things that are just taking up space. Once you do one area, move on to the next!

2. Try new exercises- Your body will get accustomed to the same old workouts and exercises, so switch it up every once in awhile. Look up a video online or download an app on your phone in order to find ab, legs, cardio, and arm exercises. If you want to brave the weather, head on over to the RAC for an awesome Group Fitness class! Give it a try, you just might be sore in the morning.

3. Have a game day- Get your neighbors, family, and friends together to stimulate your minds on a dreary day. Scrabble, solitaire, chess, and other games can get your gears moving and help you be somewhat productive while socializing at the same time.

4. Go to Henderson Library– Or your local bookstore for a day of lounging and reading. Grab a new book, perhaps the one you’ve dying to read but haven’t had the time, and get to work. Coffee in hand, you’re bound to have a relaxing day doing nothing, but also checking something off of your list that you may have never gotten to.

5. Sleep!- Catch up on those zzz’s. Everyone could use a day of napping every once in awhile. Sure, it may not sound as productive as cleaning, but
your mind and body will certainly appreciate it; who doesn’t like to curl up with blankets and take a cat nap on a rainy, stormy day?!

So, on the next stormy day in the Boro, don’t feel defeated. Accomplish some of those small things that are easy to get done that leave you feeling good on the inside. Feeling productive yet?



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