Finding Your Way

Welcome back! Fall 2013 has officially started…its back to the grind. With classes in full swing, several new additions to campus, and thousands of fresh faces, some of you may have a hard time with the new transition. In order to make it a smooth one, consider the following:

1.       Scope out campus- Get to know the buildings before the end of the semester. With three large additions to the pedestrian and numerous other buildings, you’re bound to find something you aren’t familiar with. This will help you get to know your campus as well as check out our awesome new Biology building, Lakeside, and Landrum (Dining Commons)! In order to locate even more resources on campus,  try putting wellness in your Wednesday with 7 Wonders of Wellness Scavenger Hunt next Wednesday, August 28th. Use social media clues, post on our Facebook and Twitter pages, and win cool prizes!

2.       Establish a mentor- Someone you look up to and can go to for advice is a great anchor to have while at college. Whether a professor, boss, or just a close family friend, this person can help you through your struggles and celebrate your milestones in order to keep you well on your way while at Georgia Southern University.

3.       Get involved- Find a student organization or group to associate with on campus. Not only will it look awesome on your resume, but you’ll meet tons of new people as well as gain leadership and life skills. Joining an organization gives you the feeling of being a part of something bigger on campus, rather than just one of over 20,000 students. Find events and activities on the Georgia Southern University calendar of events in order to get started!



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