LivinGreen…What Does it Take?

Throughout the month of September, YOU have the opportunity to win awesome prizes while living a green life. The LivinGreen Challenge is 10, 20, or 30 days of consecutive green lifestyle choices that you decide to make. Living a green life is often challenging, especially when you first begin. This challenge is a great way to get a jump start and have the chance to win awesome incentives like a sweet new bike from locally owned Swim, Bike, Run, or a Kindle!

Why should you aim to live a green lifestyle? There are many benefits associated with living green:

·         Saves money- In the long run, this new lifestyle can save you some big bucks! Whether it be switching to CFL light bulbs (which reduces electricity output by one third), growing a veggie garden (save as much as $300/month on summer veggies), or installing a rain water collector (receives a 20% discount on your water bill), just the little changes can make a big impact!

·         Reconnect with everything local- This gives you the chance to take a step back and look at your community. Check out all the locally grown produce! What about the local cattle companies your community may have, such as Hunter Cattle Company?

·         Inspire others- People look up to you, so when you live a green life, others may start to follow suit. Maybe you will go to the Campus Farmers Market and bring a friend along. Believe it or not, you make a large impact on the people in your life, so make it a GREEN one!

·         Feel good about yourself- When you live a healthier life, you feel better about yourself from the decisions that you make. Knowing that you are helping save the environment with one conscious decision at a time is an awesome feeling!

So now that you know all the benefits of living green, what is this whole challenge about? Through September, take pictures of yourself living green and tag us on Facebook (WellnessGSU). It’s as easy as that! Here are some recommendations of pictures to take!

·         Riding your bike

·         Unplugging electronics

·         Using a reusable water bottle

·         Preparing your lunch in Tupperware containers

·         Carpooling

Think you have what it takes to work towards a greener lifestyle? Start uploading! We look forward to seeing all your new ways to live WELL and live GREEN! For more information, check us out online or shoot us an email: wellness@georgiasouthern



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