WOW! (Weeks of Welcome)


Handle financial aid. Go to class. Meet new friends. Find your way around the ‘Boro.

Make good grades. Sleep. Workout. EAT.

The first weeks of college are exhausting! From August 16th to September 13th, Weeks of Welcome (WOW) has been trying to help our incoming freshman with an easy transition and returning students with an appropriate ‘welcome back.’ With only a week of program events left, hopefully you have taken the full advantage of WOW ( free stuff, free food, new friends, awesome experiences). Whether you attended an athletic event, participated in Eagles Night Out, or saw a comedian in the Russell Union, you have started connecting to our Eagle Nation community.

So…are you ready to get involved yet?! There are several perks to engaging yourself on campus and even in the Bulloch County area. Listed are three ways that WOW can influence your time at Georgia Southern!

1. Identify resources and services provided on campus and in the surrounding community.

2. Make a connection to faculty, staff and students to form a sense of belonging.

3. Engage and interact with those different from yourself by participating in new experiences.

Check out the link below for the calendar of events!

Another way to get involved during the month of September is with the LivinGreen Challenge. Make green lifestyle choices, take pictures, and post them on our Facebook page (WellnessGSU) or email them to us at You could win a sweet new bike or a Kindle!

Learn more here:


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