Local and Healthy!


When the week rolls around and I noticed my pantry getting low on food, I literally groan out loud. Have you ever noticed how crowded Walmart is?! And I mean really, they usually have about 3 cashiers open and ready to get you checked out. Plain and simple, not a fun experience. No offense to those of you who are Walmart fans. I am too! But, I find it more efficient (for my schedule as a college student) if I could just buy my groceries right on campus.

Well you are in luck my friends! The Campus Farmers Market is back and running. Tuesday from 10am-1pm at the William’s Center Plaza you will be able to fulfill all your Walmart needs as you are coming from class, and even luck out with LOCAL products!

Have you ever thought about where your food came from? Vegetables and fruit are good for you, right? Regardless of where they came from, an apple is an apple. Actually, what I have learned might actually make you rethink this!

Supermarket produce is picked before it is ripe (sorry Walmart fans) and is artificially ripened later. It is then moved from different parts of the country or world. This can take up to weeks until it gets to its home. Just to make you cringe a little bit more, think about how long it has been sitting on that shelf for. We have no way of knowing. This affects its nutrient content, it’s freshness, and it’s taste. It also has a negative effect on the environment, and our local economies.

Needless to say, fresh and local produce conveniently located on campus is definitely the way to go! Giveaways, free samples, and prizes will also be available.

You know what else is good for your health? Giving blood! How you might ask? According to a report in the Journal of the American Medical Association, researchers say that donating blood is  “….safe and inexpensive, and correlates to routine blood donation (and) appears to contribute to improved vascular health…”

“The gift that keeps on giving” is one way of describing giving blood. Others describe it as torture. I’ll come out and say it: I can’t stand needles. But, one needle in your arm once a month can reap a glorious amount of benefits! You have the opportunity to give blood to someone who needs it while also adding some extra perks to your own body as well.

You can do a few things before you give blood to make sure that you have a good experience:

  • Make sure you feel good. Don’t give blood if you feel ill.

  • Eat a good breakfast or lunch.

  • Drink plenty of fluids.

  • Get plenty of sleep the night before.

The most important aspect of giving blood is the fact that you are helping someone in need. You can save a life, people! The University Wellness Program is hosting an American Red Cross blood drive on Thursday, September 26th from 10am- 4pm in the MAC gym at the RAC. Wanta volunteer or make an appointment to give? Contact them via email: wellness@georgiasouthern.edu


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