Taste the Farmers Market

Want to experience the Campus Farmers Market in a totally new way? We have the perfect event!

September’s Put Wellness In Your Wednesday event is Taste the Farmers Market. This event is a wonderful way to learn more about the local farmers, taste the delicious recipes we have to offer, and have the chance to buy the products used (plus more)!

Eating locally has tons of benefits! So you may ask, what’s the point in eating locally grown food? Here’s the answer!

1. Locally grown products are fresher- and they taste better! Let’s be honest, food that has been trucked or flown thousands of miles can only taste so good. When it’s right down the road the food is much fresher, tastier, and even lasts longer.

2. Local foods helps support the local economy- instead of purchasing from large corporate companies, you can help keep mom & pop stores up and running. When the products are local, there are less hands/organizations to go through, meaning more of the money will stay within the local economy.

3. Local farmers can tell you how the food is grown- have you ever wondered exactly how your potatoes or lettuce were grown? What about the pesticides applied to the products? Buying locally, especially at farmers markets, gives you the chance to interact with the farmers and learn exactly how your corn gets to your grocery bag.

There ya have it, your main reasons for buying locally. Get a jump start this Wednesday, September 25th from 6-8 PM in the Williams Center Multipurpose room for the University Wellness Program’s Taste the Farmers Market event. FREE to the public with the opportunity to buy from the farmers. Bring your friends and live WELL!



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