What Will You Trade?

Halloween revolves around a lot of thrilling things. From fall time weather to late night bonfires, outrageous costumes to hot cocoa, it never fails to keep one on the edge of their seats with excitement! Oh and of course, we can’t forget the candy. THE CANDY. My personal favorite are the pumpkin shaped Reese’s, because […]

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Healthy Halloween Treats

Just because Halloween is upon us doesn’t mean you have the excuse to pig out on sugary and sweet treats. It has been reported that the average American eats 24 pounds of candy a year, and most of that is likely consumed right around this time. Instead of devouring thousands of calories of empty energy, […]

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Alcohol Awareness

Georgia Southern has this particular mis-perception… Just a school placed in the middle of nowhere where the only thing to do is party. As students this should make us furious. I understand that this is hard to overcome when the “typical” college campus environment is working against you. But who decides that we are “typical’? […]

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Well.I.Am Week

Ahhh…October is upon us. You know what that means: FALL! Cooler weather. Pumpkin spice lattes. Cuddling with open windows. Colorful leaves. And the best of all…Well.I.Am Week! The University Wellness Program‘s main Fall semester event is currently in the works. Below you can find all of the events for this week and all the fun […]

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Well.I.Am Week

You know those special moments when you find a five-dollar bill on the ground, receive a really good hug, laugh till you can’t breath, or enjoy a nice cup of coffee? For that particular moment you find yourself in complete contentment. Nothing can stop your shine! It’s like all is well in the world. All […]

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