Well.I.Am Week

You know those special moments when you find a five-dollar bill on the ground, receive a really good hug, laugh till you can’t breath, or enjoy a nice cup of coffee? For that particular moment you find yourself in complete contentment. Nothing can stop your shine! It’s like all is well in the world. All is WELL in the world. The word well is small, but has a huge meaning. I see wellness as a way of life.

The way most of us view wellness today would be going to the RAC and exercising for an hour or so. We just go along doing our thing. Go to class. Workout. Eat. Study. Sleep. Repeat. We treat our bodies mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually anyway we want. One day we find that we are sick, or that our lives are a complete disaster. At this point, we turn to the doctors, medicine, exercise, surgery, therapy, and other treatments in order to fix our problems (as if we were healthy to begin with).

I am here to tell you that this approach is backwards! We are just chasing our own tails and running in a continuous circle, never going anywhere. We just bandage our problems and messy lives and wait for the next difficulties to come. We are not practicing wellness.

Practicing means working at on certain skills in order to make them better. We can use practicing a musical instrument as an example. The concept is simple. The more you do it, the better you become. This makes the music more beautiful and enjoyable. We can apply this idea to our lives! The more we practice wellness, the more beautiful our lives will become.

As college students it is super easy for us to fall into this pattern of just being here on this campus to get an education and hopefully a job. Basically, we just think that we are here because that’s what we are supposed to do. In a sense, we are right! We should be here at this remarkable Georgia Southern University. We should be educating ourselves to further our careers. More than these things, we should be here creating ourselves.

We create ourselves by practicing wellness. By practicing wellness we honor who we are on a day-to-day basis. The more we practice wellness, the more we appreciate our lives and the important things that surround us. The more we appreciate, the more we respect ourselves. The more we respect ourselves, the more likely we are to continue practicing wellness. Physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health can all be improved individually, but they are very much connected to one another.

October 7th-11th is Well. I. Am. Week. Our university is celebrating wellness and even more importantly we are celebrating you. Yes, YOU! You are a rock star. You are special.

The schedule is as follows:

Monday – October 7, 2013:

  • Keep Calm & Stress Less in Your Career 5pm: 1047 Williams Center – Career Services
  • Multicultural Movie: Pariah 6-8 p.m. RU Theater

Tuesday – October 8, 2013:

  • SOLD Workshop: Facilitating Meetings 5:30 p.m.@ RU 2080
  • Pilates for Pink 5:30-8:30 p.m. @ RAC

Wednesday – October 9, 2013:

  • HIV Screening – Health Services 10am-2pm RU 2041, 2042, 2048
  • Keep Calm & Stress Less in Your Career 6pm: 1047 Williams Center – Career Services

Thursday – October 10, 2013:

  • National Depression Screening Day 2-4 p.m. RU 2043
  • University Park Ribbon Cutting Ceremony  3 p.m. – University Park
  • Flu Shot Clinic @ RAC – Health Services 3-7 p.m.
  • RHA’s Got Talent 7-9 p.m. University Villas

Here is the deal: Stop short changing your life. Stop it! Stop it right now! Do what you love. Be happy. Take care of the body you are in right now and never give up. Yeah I know, I know… you hear that quote all the time. “Don’t give up.” You know why? Because it’s true! Don’t give up on yourself, family, friends, passions, experiences, or life.

HP out.



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