What Will You Trade?

Trick or Trade FB pic

Halloween revolves around a lot of thrilling things. From fall time weather to late night bonfires, outrageous costumes to hot cocoa, it never fails to keep one on the edge of their seats with excitement!

Oh and of course, we can’t forget the candy. THE CANDY. My personal favorite are the pumpkin shaped Reese’s, because we all know they taste differently than the normal kind.

So it is here again, the time of year that ghost and goblins (and probably adults too, lets be real) travel around door to door to fill their buckets up with candy. This is the norm. This is what Halloween is.

Why is it this way!? Halloween doesn’t have to be a hiatus of unhealthy choices that you’ll always regret the next morning. The last thing we need is another excuse to indulge in a sugar, fat, and candy binge. Instead, let’s make the HEALTHY and WELL choices this Halloween and TRADE that candy. Would you do it for a free 1 hour massage from the RAC? I would!

So this Wednesday, October 30th from 11-1 PM, stop by the Rotunda for Trick or Trade! Trade in your ‘bad’ treats (energy drinks, candy, cigarettes, soda, etc.), for raffle tickets in order to win a free massage!

The question is…. Will you Trick-Or-Trade?

Be Well.



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