Put Wellness Into Your Wednesday…Yoga Style!

yoga-garden (2)

Yoga…peaceful, relaxing, spiritual, and stress relieving. Dating back thousands of years ago, yoga is still a very popular practice today among all age levels. The word “yoga” is derived from the Sanskrit root yuj meaning to yoke or join together.

So what in the world does that mean? Downward facing dog? Locust? Cobra? What is this stuff?! There is only one way to find out! Try it yourself! Yoga has many different benefits…check em’ out!

  1. Improved flexibility- So maybe you can’t do a backbend at your fist yoga class…that’s okay! The more you go, the more flexible you’ll become. You will begin to see improved flexibility particularly in your hips, hamstrings, and lumbar region.
  2. Lowered blood pressure- Suffering from hypertension? Practicing yoga could help! Stimulating the mind and body, yoga brings a balance to the nervous system which results in less stress.
  3. Aches & pains- Posing improves posture and strengthens back muscles to keep aches at a minimum.
  4. Increased strength- Yoga uses practically every muscle in the body, therefore increasing strength and toning from head to toe.


Think you have what it takes to be an avid yoga goer? Come show us your skills while finding your inner serenity at November’s ‘Put Wellness Into Your Wednesday,’ Yoga in the Garden on November 20th.

Take your yoga practice to the natural and beautiful surroundings of the Garden of the Coastal Plain while experiencing some of the benefits listed above. A shuttle is provided- please meet at the RAC no later than 4 PM, yoga will be at 4:30 PM. Your own mat is encouraged, but not required.

Can’t make it to Yoga in the Garden? Check out the group fitness schedule which offers yoga classes as well as variety of others.

Don’t forget to find us on Facebook and Twitter for updates on programs, wellness facts, and motivational quotes!


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