The Final Sprint


Imagine this semester as if it were a marathon…You started strong training, preparing yourself for the long journey ahead. You ‘practiced,’ you plateaued, you may have even fallen down. But now it’s the end…the final sprint! FINALS WEEK!

Finals week may (let’s be honest, it WILL) bring stress, lack of sleep, unhealthy eating, limited time, and many more negative habits. However, everyone in the Wellness Center has faith in you! Need some ideas on how to finish strong this semester? The RAC is your go to place!

1. Group Fitness- Everyone needs a relaxing place to clear their mind during finals week and yoga is the perfect place. Are you the kind of person who would rather kick out their stress? How about dancing? From kickboxing to Zumba, there is a class that is sure to fire you up during your stressful week. Check out the finals week group fitness schedule here.

2. Massage therapy– You’re crazy if you don’t want a massage during finals week. Massage therapy helps treat and rehabilitate the mind, body and spirit. Through positive and healthy interpersonal connections and therapeutic loving touch, you’re sure to leave rejuvenated! Hint: Next time you talk to your parents…mention a massage gift certificate! 🙂

3. Sauna/ Hot tub- There’s no better way to relax than a few minutes in the hot tub or sauna in the aquatic center. The heat relaxes your muscles and your mind, so take that break that you know you want in order to feel recharged. Even though it may be only a few minutes, that’s all you need in order to get back to studying.

Keep the end in mind, and stay positive. Think of all the hard work you have put into this semester.

You CAN and WILL finish strong! See ya in the New Year, Eagle Nation!



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