Welcome Back!



So over the break maybe you slept too late, ate too much, didn’t work out, didn’t even THINK about school…that’s okay! Unfortunately, it’s back to the grind.

With a busy semester ahead and New Year’s Resolutions in full swing, how are we going to manage it all?! No need to worry; check out these few tips that will help you stay focused and on track this semester while minimizing stress.

  1. Use a planner- A planner will help you stay scheduled and organized. Write down important dates, exams, class schedule, etc. to help keep things in order (don’t forget to schedule your RAC workout). You can even use this as a way to keep track of your short term goals by writing them down and seeing your progress!
  2. Don’t procrastinate- With the help of your handy dandy planner, stay on top of deadlines. We all know that 5 am mornings in Club Hendy are no fun, so stay away from it as much as possible. Once you get assignments, start them. Try not to start that term paper Wednesday night when it is due Thursday…you’ll avoid the added stress.
  3. Eat healthier- Sure, eating healthy is a huge task. Between the expenses and the lack of time, it is often easier to pick something up on the go between work and class. This semester, shoot for something healthier. Eagle Dinning has healthy eating options at ALL on campus dinning locations and the Campus Farmer’s Market will be back before ya know it, so there are no excuses!
  4. Utilize on campus resources- Need help with a paper? Sick? Just need someone to chat with? There are endless amounts of resources that are right at our fingertips that many students don’t even know about. From Health Services to the Counseling Center, many of the services available are free or reduced charges for students. So check them out, and take advantage of what you have!
  5. Save time for YOU- While you are busy doing things for others, studying for exams, and pulling all-nighters, take a few minutes to pamper yourself. Get that hard workout in at the gym that you’ve been putting off, treat yourself to a nice dinner, or even take a mini vacation. Anything to help you re-group and feel better is totally worth it. Besides, everyone needs a little ‘me’ time. Check out Meditation, a new group fitness class at the RAC held on Monday nights at 7 PM. This class is a way to let everything go and focus on only you while having some quiet time.


So…are you ready to take on the New Year and the new semester?! Don’t forget, challenge yourself and work hard, but also spoil yourself every once in a while.


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