Finding Your Purpose

‘Your purpose in life is to find your purpose and give your whole heart and soul to it.’ -Gautama Buddha


Lately I have been struggling and trying to be softer to myself. Gentler. Slower. And let me just tell you, it feels so darn good. Why do this to begin with? Because I have also been feeling anxious.

Ah, anxiety. It is like a battlefield. It is sleepless nights. It finds it’s form in those questions that we ask ourselves. “What the heck am I doing?”, “What is the priority here?”, “Will I ever be enough?”, and the most important question of all… “What is my purpose?”

The word “purpose” is actually really annoying and irrelevant.  When you think of that word, it suggests that until you have found “it” you will not be happy. “It” being purpose. We are doomed to living our lives, to paying our dues, until we get to the enchanted land of purposefulness.

Well, here is the scrub, kid. Your “purpose” has absolutely, positively nothing to do with what you do. It’s understanding yourself to the deepest level and guiding yourself back when you feel lost. Everything else is your inspired mission, fiery desire, love-fueled hobby, etc. These things are significant, but not your purposefulness.

Purpose by definition is, “the reason for which something is created or for which something exists.” Shining talents like singing or being athletic is admirable and hard to hide, but a true life’s purpose is a bit harder to identify.  It is the underlying chemistry as to why you exist.

A graver understanding of purpose is something you can feel right to your soul. It disperses the sense of disconnectedness you feel whenever you have to sit at home and study Structural Kinesiology/Physics when your friends are having game night. Whenever you are told that you can’t participate in your favorite physical activity due to a knee injury. Whenever you feel insignificant or ordinary. Whenever you feel like you are working and working for invisible expectations.

Can you not see how anchoring your worth to those things make you feel depleted, depressed, insecure, and lonely? Attach it within, friend. Otherwise, you will lose yourself and become resentful.

The search for purpose has led me inward, which is where it is usually found. Learning how to meditate and practice mindfulness is essential for this. Those moments where you feel most alive and vital to those moments, where you feel numb, is where you will need to focus your concentration. What I personally discovered is what brings me to my “aha” moments is seeing people grow, reaching my potential, and helping others reach theirs.


Attempting to pursue this is no easy task, so let us help you. GSU Wellness is offering meditation Monday evenings at 7 pm at the RAC. Wellness Week is coming up during February 17-21, in which it is specifically designed to help you find your inner rockstar.

Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook and Twitter for all of our upcoming programs!


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