Safety First

spring break

IT IS TIME PEOPLE! SPRING BREAK, SPRING BREAK, SPRING BREAK! Shall we throw our text books and worries to the wind? Shall we gallivant breathlessly through campus as we finish that final midterm? Shall we go to the fourth floor in the library and yell as loud as we can? Okay, so you didn’t get that last idea from me.  But hey, the world is practically at our fingers tips, at least for a week until summer time rolls around again.

This is a time of celebration as some of us are celebrating our last, real college spring break and some of us are just getting started. We all have one thing in common though, we are PUMPED. It is easy to get swept up in the churning emotions of eagerness and throw all caution to the wind.

Here are a few tips to avoid some mass pandemonium:

  • On the road: Buckle up! Take turns driving and if you are driving through the night make sure at least two people are awake at all times. Yes, this includes the driver.
  • Use the buddy system: Not everyone in the world likes glitter and high fives the whole time…Be on your guard, especially if you are in a foreign place. The whole point of spring break is to enjoy each other’s company, right?  Stay in communication with your group at all times.
  • SUNSCREEN: Do I even need to elaborate? You know what isn’t fun…sitting in the room with a bottle of aloe and trying to stay as immobile as possible.  Put on sunscreen, people. The best sunscreens contain protection from both UVA and UVB rays. The SPF factor is simply the rating of how effective a sunscreen is at preventing sunburn in minutes. The tanning lotion is not an actual sunscreen, ladies!
  • Do not put down your drink: Like I said before, not everyone has the heart of giving high fives all the time and you don’t know what strangers are capable of.
  • While drinking: Do yourself a favor and party smart. Be responsible. Pace yourself if you choose to drink, and avoid hard alcohol or other drinks that have powerful effects, drunks = easy targets. Also be aware of alcohol poisoning. According to a University of Wisconsin study, 75 percent of college males and 43 percent of females reported being intoxicated on a daily basis during spring break. Drinking and driving is always a dangerous situation, so avoid this by having your safe mode of transportation home planned beforehand.
  • Be aware: Make sure you are not leaving your personal items just tossed about along the beach or pool. Definitely leave all that designer stuff at home!

Most importantly… HAVE FUN! You deserve it. Live it up [safely] and stay Well.

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