Finals Survival Guide

finals 1

Well, it’s that time of year folks. Some of us are getting ready to walk across the stage in Paulson Stadium, some are gearing up for summer classes, and some will go home only to return to the ‘boro once again in the fall.

No matter which of these categories you fall in to, one thing stands in the way: final exams. Those dreaded exams which will either make or break you for the semester. But, have no fear! The following tips will help you survive finals week without feeling like pulling your hair out.

  1. Start early- I know, I know, you always hear this, but it’s true! Study a little bit each night leading up to the exam and you won’t be stuck cramming 5 chapters into 12 hours. Starting early gives you a chance to figure out what you may need to spend a little more time on while reviewing those month old notes.
  2. Brain food– Skip the pizza, chips, and five hour energy this time around. Instead, go for the healthy and delicious snacks that will power you up for long days. Snack on blueberries-just-pickedblueberries, guacamole, nuts, and seeds for that extra energy boost for your study sessions.
  3. Meditate- Take time for you! Meditation will help reduce stress levels by lowering your heart rate and blood pressure while you release any tension you may be carrying. An hour long session isn’t necessary. Instead, check out these free apps for a quick meditation boost: Take a Break, Meditation Timer, and Meditation Trainer.
  4. Sleep- Staying up for 48 hours straight is not cool. It’s also not good for you. Instead, refer to tip number 1 (start early) and get some shut eye! Try and shoot for at least 6 hours a night (minimum) so you’ll be fully prepared to ace your 8am final.
  5. Stop procrastinating- …What’s the minimum I need to make on this final to get a B? What’s happening on Twitter? What’s for dinner?…  Sit down and study! The longer you wait, the longer it takes. Sit down, open that book, and get your studying on.


Now that you have a final exam guide, go find a nook at Henderson Library and get to it. You can do it! Make sure to be on the lookout for upcoming programs from the University Wellness Program that can help you live WELL! Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for all the updates. Happy Summer, Eagle Nation!


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