Surviving Summer School


You made it! You finished another semester at Georgia Southern.  Now it’s time for a much needed break.  Unfortunately for you, that break has come to an abrupt end because you registered for a summer class.  Taking a summer class didn’t seem like a big deal back in March but now summer is finally here and panic has set in.  Last summer I was in your shoes, I took classes both Term A and Term B.  I spent a large part of my summer riding the Gold Route bus to make it to my 8 am class, studying bones for my anatomy lab, and taking online quizzes at the last possible moment.  Not only are summer classes very fast paced, but you’re constantly reminded of all the fun your friends are having elsewhere every time you routinely check your Instagram or Facebook accounts.  On the other hand, summer classes are doable and I’m here to help you make May, June and July as easy as possible.  Here are some tips:

  • Get Organized!
    • Read your syllabus, highlight important policies and grading guidelines and write down all your assignments in a planner or on a calendar.
    • Print off as much of the material as you can before hand.
    • Clean off your desk, organize your school bag and binders.
  • Study Like You’ve Never Studied Before!
    • Plan out your studying; including times, location of where you want to study and content to be covered.
    • Form a study group as soon as possible.  Having a buddy or two will make the studying go faster and learning the material a bit easier.
    • Maximize your week days.  Avoid those Law and Order marathons and open your books for a few hours each day.  That way when the weekend rolls around, you can sleep in and have time for something fun.
  • Get A Job!
    • All my summer classes began early in the morning and I was done with my day no later than noon.  Even with adding 2-3 hours each of studying, that is plenty of time to pick up a summer job or volunteering opportunity.  You can take a look at the summer positions available at Georgia Southern here.
    • Want to volunteer this summer instead? Here’s a list of locations offered by the Office of Student Leadership and Civic Engagement.
  • Rest! Relax!
    • Take advantage of less crowded restaurants, pools and beaches.
    • Relax at The RAC.  No need to have to wait around for a machine, battle for a parking spot or stake out a group fit class.  Enjoy some time at the outdoor pool or inside the sauna.  Check out the RAC hours and massage therapy offerings.

Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for University Wellness Program updates.  Happy summer Eagle Nation!


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