Keeping in Touch


The memories that we make in college are some of the best memories of our lives.  Our college years are a huge period of personal and professional growth. We start out as recent high school grads and grow into working adults who pay our own bills. The friends we make it college are with us through it all..  Those four years however, will be over within a blink of the eye and keeping in touch with your closest friends will become harder than sending out a mass text saying “Sweetheart Circle, 4:00!”  Between looking for a job, figuring out how to write the perfect personal statement for those grad school applications and becoming a grown up overnight, making the time to keep in touch with your college besties can be somewhat of a hassle.  Use these tips to keep your relationships with friends strong and healthy.

Use social media.  Want to know what your friends have been up to but don’t really have much to talk about?  Check out their social media pages.  A great conversation can be sparked by looking at a few cool pictures on their Instagram page.  To show your friends how much you really miss them, tag them in a picture that reminds you of them or post an inside joke that you know only they would understand.

Call instead of texting.  Surprise your friends (and maybe even yourself) and actually dial their phone number instead of texting them.  Hearing each others voices will be more satisfying than sending a “WYD?” text message.

Start a group chat.  Create a group chat within your message app or try the GroupMe app to keep in contact with your closest friends and classmates.  Talk about new jobs, old memories, share pictures, or give updates on how the transition after college is going.

Plan a yearly reunion.  One of the cool things about Georgia Southern is that a large majority of students call Georgia their home.  This makes planning an annual reunion that much easier.  Take a quick road trip and meet up at a central location for a fun weekend getaway.  Try to plan trips around events like birthdays, weddings or even homecoming.

These tips are not just for recent college graduates.  They can be applied to friends that transfer schools, old roommates, or even for summer and winter school breaks. We should continue to make new friends and let our social circle blossom.   Yet, make the effort to stay close with your old pals, it will be worth it!


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