Fearing Fear Itself

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Genes and the environment, biological and social sciences, the study of learning and the complexities of the human heart, hormones and neurons, pressure, stress, anxiety, all have been known to shed a form of light on the subject of fear.

Whether we’re afraid of getting chased by a bear, getting turned down by that cute guy at the gym, or getting our taxes audited… we know that fear is simply an emotion.

I could sit here and proudly proclaim these nice, compact quotes such as, “Don’t give into your fear!” and “”The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself.” Of course.. I could type these quick extracts in hopes of one of them ingraining themselves into our souls and anticipate it making a lasting impression. But we all know how unlikely that is.

Let us abandon all preliminaries and deal with this junk. Fear stinks. The fear of failure. The fear of loneliness. The fear of humiliation. We could continue this list ceaselessly, but i’ll save you the drama.

Fear encompasses many silhouettes that overshadow the stellar parts of our true selves. This isn’t me stating an overused quote. This is hard fact and, indeed, can be proven.

Some of our fears have basic survival value and are absolutely critical. Others, however, are learned reflexes that can be weakened. For example, the fear of worry would absolutely be our daily companion if we let it. Our minds give us no shortage of things to fret about. Fear is like all other emotions. It offers us knowledge and understanding if we choose to accept it.

When we let go of our notion of fear as the welling up of evil forces within us and begin to see fear as basic information, we can think about them consciously. And the more clearly and calmly we can articulate the origins of the fear, the less our fears will control us.

Fear is an inherent part of the human experience. In moments of uncertainty and self-doubt, allowing yourself to be overcome with fear or the chance of possibility, immerse yourself in the life you would be most proud to live.

You accept yourself as you see yourself, beyond your fears. By exposing yourself to your own personal demons, you allow yourself to move past them.

Regardless of where you are in life right now – whether you are fifteen or one hundred and fifteen, whether you are living the dream or going through some unexpected plot twists, we can probably agree that our lives are always changing. The greater part of the human experience is to make permanent the joys that are only lovable because they are changing.

The insecurities that come from fear are not all terrible. These devils are not going to simply vanish. We must accept them as an innate part of who we are. Without these simple holdbacks we never would have experienced the things that have made and unmade us over and over again. These realities ultimately reflect who we are now and who we are going to be.

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