The Walking Dead

Do you ever feel sad or depressed even though you know there’s no reason to be feeling that way? Are you having trouble remembering the little things, like where you placed your phone? Or maybe you’re having trouble focusing in class. Well, according to psychologist and sleep expert David F. Dinges, Ph.D., from the University of […]

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The Pre-Commencement Speech

The past four years of our lives have been a mission of self-discovery. That is the purpose of college, right? To graduate knowing that somehow within the past four years you managed to make friends, earn a college education, and discover yourself. Although unimportant that we made stuff up along the way, we are now […]

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To Voice is Your Choice

Just as most people can agree upon the fact that milk and cookies are a perfect complement, Martin Luther King, Jr. and “inspirational” automatically seem to fit together. To say he was brave and spoke up for what he truly believed – even if it meant rocking the boat – is an understatement. His efforts to change the lives of […]

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