Spring Break in the ‘Boro? Yes, please!

SC2015The time is nearly here…Spring Break 2K15! As super-busy and hard-working college students, having an entire week off right after midterms is arguably the most exciting part of the entire spring season. Although we tend to associate Spring Break with beach getaways and parties, the fact is that many of us students find ourselves hanging around the ‘Boro. According to the Huffington Post, about half of college students spend their Spring Breaks on their campuses.

So what are we gonna do in Statesboro?!  Lots, actually.

  • Have a stay-cation. So, maybe you’re stuck in Statesboro because you have to work. Or maybe you don’t have the funds for an exotic Central American getaway. Welcome to the club.  Even if you have a job or are saving your money, try to take an extra couple of shifts off if you can. Just because you’re not on a cruise doesn’t mean you can’t relax right where you are!
  • Revisit those New Year’s resolutions. A Spring Break at home is the perfect time to reflect back on those resolutions that you made back in January. (Can you believe that was over 2 months ago?!) We are mid-semester here, folks. It’s time to organize our binders and go visit the RAC (Yes, it’s open during the break!), like we promised ourselves we would. Remember, it’s okay to slip up. The important thing is that we keep working towards our goals, even if we’re just making baby steps.
  • Reconnect with friends outside of Southern. Remember all those high school friends you said you’d stay in touch with? Now’s the time to make that happen. Even if you can’t catch up for a coffee, give them a call!  We all know that Facebook and texting are no equivalent for real conversations.
  • Treat yourself. First, congratulations! You’re saving a ton of money by sticking around town. If you have the funds, consider treating yourself to something a little out of the ordinary. Maybe the pedicure you haven’t gotten since last summer or maybe a massage you’ve always wanted.
  • Turn off your phone. We hear a lot about the benefits of unplugging ourselves from the instant cyber-world. But during the school year, that’s a pretty tough thing to do. We have a lot of responsibilities and can’t exactly just turn off our phones for hours at a time. Spring Break, however, is the perfect time to give this a try! As difficult as it is, remember that sometimes, it’s more important to breathe, listen, and pay attention to the beautiful moment right in front you. It’s a habit that takes practice and just like with anything else, it’s going to feel a little uncomfortable at first.

Remember, you’re not the only one who isn’t emptying their bank account on a beach vacation this Spring Break.  There’s lot of us that will be hanging around town trying to relax and gear up for the second half of the semester.  So next time someone asks you what your awesome Spring Break plans are, proudly smile and tell them that this year, you’re going to stay right where you are!

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