The Return of the Campus Farmers’ Market


In the spirit of mixing things up, let’s start off with an ungraded assessment!

How much money stays in the local economy if you spend $100 at:

  1. A grocery store
  2. A farmers’ market

(Keep reading to discover the answers!)

Some people may wonder why such a question is important. There are plenty of reasons why it is advantageous to keep profits local, but we won’t go off on that tangent. Speaking of local, the Campus Farmers’ Market returns today! We cordially invite all current readers to come out to enjoy the lovely weather with several purveyors of fresh, fanciful products.

These fantastic goods will be in front of Lakeside Dining Commons until 1 PM today. All vendors accept cash or credit, and Hunter Cattle Company will have sausage dogs available for a delicious lunch…make sure any stomachs in attendance are ready for a savory treat! We have special giveaways as well (as if another reason was needed to drop by).

Big Daddy Kane once said that pimpin’ ain’t easy – while that may be true, neither is farming. Farmers have to rise early, load trucks with heavy produce, operate machinery, and often do not retire until late in the evening. Clearly, they deserve a handshake (at minimum). Don’t miss out on this opportunity to relish the beautiful outdoors and visit with the incredible people who work hard to grow healthy food for us all!

Campus Farmers’ Market Future Dates (10 AM to 1 PM):

April 7, April 14, & April 21

*Remember the Statesboro Farmers’ Market kicks off its season downtown this Saturday at 9 AM!

A: Out of $100 invested into a farmer’s market, $99 stays in the state.

B: From $100 spent at a grocery store, only $25 remains within the state.

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