Are you talking about DISability?


Disability…What is it? Is it the inability to hear? Speak? Walk? Understand? Or is it the ABILITY to be unique. To think a little differently than someone else. To be able to be loved and to love others. To smile and to be part of this world.Yes. That is what it is.

Many people do not acknowledge the beauty of those with disabilities and fall into the common misfortunate behavior of staring, casting-out, bullying, and mistreating those with disabilities. This is mostly because of the lack of knowledge some may have of the conditions that people were born with or may have acquired through the years. A “disability” is not a choice, but a special circumstance where assistance may be needed to thrive in the fast-pace world we live in. It is not to overshadow the personality, the love, and friendship these people hold.

We here at Georgia Southern are fortunate to have a community that provides assistance to those who find it difficult to do every-day activities. The Office of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management’s Student Disability Resource Center (SDRC) brings any accommodations necessary to accomplish academic goals. Notifying professors of any modifications needed, assigning note takers or sign language interpreters, and test proctoring are only a few of the available aids for students with disabilities. SDRC will provide the help and resources to meet and exceed our goals. And for those of us who would like to help, they do have volunteer opportunities in assisting those with disabilities.

Take the time to walk over to the office of student affairs in Cone Hall. Friendly staff will greet you with eagerness to support  in any way they can and to show everyone that disabilities do not define us. Let us focus on the abilities that we can do and the assistance we can get to make those abilities shine.

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